There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 10

Bai Li left Du residence, not leaving any trace. Her expression was very ugly when she left, just like a serious illness patient.

Ye Zhizhou heard this and raised his eyebrow. He walked upstairs and took out the computer. He used his spiritual force to directly access the vast data——the system energy shortage, the provided info is very one-sided. He want to quickly get the completed and detailed information. He could only take a dangerous and self-harming method like this.

Enduring the huge unsorted and outdated data, he finally found the information about Bai family and Bai Li's fiancé, Yang Wei.

Yang Wei, same as the system described, was a gentle and kindhearted man. He's studying at Y country top medical school for a master degree. His family was running a pharmaceutical business. He's both wealthy and has status. But as an heir, he lived a very frugal life. Most of his money was donated to charities and research purpose. His personality is someone who didn't like noise. In the middle of this year, he gave up his right for the family inheritance and decided to be a pure doctor and scholar only. Hearing about this news, protagonist soon flew back home.

Ye Zhizhou disconnected the data, wiped the sweat on his forehead and smiled. He found the main reason why the protagonist actually came home. He also found out about her background history and why Yun Ke couldn't find any trace of her.

He Fangfei, Bai Li's mother, has passions for brand-names and variety of jewelry. She has been using her status as future mother-in-law of Yang family's heir proudly. What's interesting is, in that huge stream of data, he 'see' a lot of record of HeFangfei open house account. However, her account was not shared with Bai father, rather it's with HeFangfei distant cousin, He Ze.

He Ze, the illegitimate child of the current master of He family. He was merciless and ruthless. When he just came to He family, he who was 8 years younger than He Fangfei, received her care. On the surface, he was a jewels businessman. But he also secretly run a casino, background a bit dark.

The data said that this was the protagonist's homecoming trip. In fact, the protagonist was running back to avoid the engagement at the end of the year. To prevent Yang family to find her, she asked He Ze to help hiding her whereabouts.

The un-favored side's daughter and the main's illegitimate son that being kept under the table. Love between brother and sister, or older female cousin and younger male cousin......really a good drama. Their affair was very bold, not afraid and not minding Bai family will found out at all. He Fangfei even constantly use visiting parents' house as an excuse and took Bai Li and He Ze to go on holiday together. Just like a happy three people family.

Unaware whether the protagonist know about her mother and uncle relationship or not.

Knowing what he want to know, Ye Zhizhou smiled joyfully. He tap the mirror and asked, "Your mission for me is to prevent the protagonist's harem. That's about her original marriage right?

[Please make sure the protagonist is kept away from all the men mentioned in the information provided by system.]

He raised his brow, "Also from the other one?"


"Very well." He turned the computer off and stretched his numb waist. Slightly narrowed his eyes, "It's time to solve this world's mission." Before, he naively thought that he'll only use a gentle way to do this mission. He never thought that he'll cut off the protagonist's way out. And now...... good drama has begun.

Soon, the New Year's party arrived.

Ye Zhizhou looked at the mirror and see the elaborate dress on his body that make himself look more extravagant and elegant. He smiled, and then turned around walking toward the door with large stride. These past few days, he had done all he could do. Now, it's time to get the result.

The party venue is not that far from Yun residence. It only take half an hour by car. Yun Ke worried that Ye Zhizhou won't eat well at the party, so he took him to a family private restaurant to fill their stomach first.

They just came out from the restaurant when suddenly Ye Zhizhou felt his spiritual energy inside the protagonist's head was moved. He stopped and look sideways in puzzled and see Yun Ke walked over.

At 7 p.m. the party began on time. Gorgeous and spacious hallway in the fragrant cloth all over it, just like a movie. High class groups of company representative walking back and forth. The heads of various departments were talking and laughing together. The atmosphere was very warm.

Ye Zhizhou appearance with Yun Ke by his side attract everyone attention. Employees started gossiping, shareholders were pondering. Du family's company remaining managers are some excited and some drop faces.

In contrast with the worried Yun Ke, Ye Zhizhou performance was excellent——he courteously talked with others. In the face of compliment, he kept calm and modest. By the vague provocation, he easily resolved them. As if it's not the first time he attended this kind of party.

Looking at this youngster, Yun Ke's looks became even gentler, with a faint pampering love in his eyes and smiling expression. The employees and shareholders of Yun Yuan Company were all stunned. In all those years they worked for the company, it's the first time they saw the smiling and gentle looks on their boss. It's not just the calm before the storm, right?

A round of greeting ended smoothly. Yun Ke was drag away by his partners. Ye Zhizhou was holding a fruit juice walking toward the corner of the longue to sit down. He looked around indistinctly at Wen family representatives group. Wen family is in fashion (clothing) business and was a part of Du family who is in the same line. After Du family business was taken over by Yun Ke, they use their previous friendship with Du family to join financially and catch up with Yun family real estate business.

His mouth made a thin smile, unconsciously drift away. This Wen family began to rely on Du family's fortune after Du family raise from the pit. And now they're stepping on Du family to catch on with Yun family's big ship. It could be said that they used Du family thoroughly. Also blame the blind Du family grandfather, for the sake of his fellow townsman, he offer them shelter under his wing and also help them start the fashion business.

After Du father took charge of the family business, he had always in close relation with Wen's younger generation. They use brotherly friendship on the outside. But later Wen family stole Du family confidential product design and published it first. After Du father found out, he was both alarmed and angry. Soon he collected the evidences of Wen family stealing business and was about to report them. The result was too late to take action. In a rouge street fighting, he and his wife was 'innocently' got involved and died.

Thinking of the system's provided data about the fourth of Wen family and Du father relation, he couldn't help but coldly snorted. Du father took Wen people as brothers. And what Wen family do? Directly sign the dead on Du father's head. Those thankless bastards!

The secret design that was stolen by Wen family was actually a present for Du Yun and Du Yang, made by Du mother. It divided into girls' clothing series and children's clothing series. She died when the children series was only half done. She carefully lock it inside the bedroom safe. Because they want it as a pleasant surprise for their children, Du father and Du mother never told anyone about the existence of these designs, except to some of Wen people who he treat as a brother......

Du father died when Du Yun was only 19 years old. She put her school on hold and returned home to take over the family business. She has been studying outside the country before, so she didn't know about the dispute between Du and Wen family. After she stabilized the family business, for the previous friendship, she still help Wen family to cope with their new product's issues. Later in an interview she also publicly said that the new series of Wen family clothing set was very ingenious, she really like it......

His mind is still in hideous mess trying to put out the truth together, when he saw those Wen family representatives was surrounding Yun Ke. He smiled deeply.

"Young master. I've been looking for you."

The familiar simple and honest voice was heard in front of him. He withdraw his gaze and looked sideway. He squinted his eyes and smiled cutely, "It's Uncle Li ah. Why did you looking for me?

Li Qun, Du Yang's driver arranged by Yun family. He has been working for Yun family for more than 20 years. His son is Yun Ke's driver now. He was deeply trust by Yun Ke.

After using his spirit to suffer damage and dig through those material that might take years to unfold. He could connect most of the fact and realized one thing —— there's a traitor inside Yun residence.

Du Yun's car accident is too strange. The fact that the original character was also in the car when it happen and they both are leaving from Yun residence are already too much of a coincidence. The most important thing is why would Wen family is so sure that the protagonist could make Du Yang drink that poison tea?

It could only have one possibility. That is someone in Yun residence who saw Du Yang was very dependent on the protagonist and informed it to Wen family.

There're only few people in Yun residence. Uncle Fu was impossible. Wu Ma has no qualification. It has to be someone who can always follow Du Yang's at all times. The only one left is only Li Qun, and he also happened to be the driver when Du Yun had the accident.

Too suspicious.

The gray haired Li Qun swayed a bit after seeing his smile. He said with pleasant face, "Young master became even more handsome after losing some weight."

"Really?" the smile on his face became bigger. He slightly leaned over and whispered, "Uncle Li, take a look carefully. Didn't my handsomeness has a bit resemblance with my sister beauty? I also hear Wu Ma said that Brother Xiao Li* also like my sister at that time."

{* Uncle Li's son. Name still unknown. 'Xiao' indicated someone younger in Li family}

Li Qun didn't know why he felt some chills inside the teen's smile. He couldn't help but take a step back. He used his smile to cover his stiffness. "Your Wu Ma just talk nonsense. Miss Yun was a very noble person. That brat wouldn't dare to think about it."

"I think Brother Xiao Li is also very good. He's not a brat at all." A dark light flashes in his eyes. His spiritual energy followed his voice and drilled into Li Quan's head. He stood straight, kept on pretending to be an innocent youth, "Uncle Li, you still didn't say the reason you're looking for me, ne. Do you want me to call Brother Yun for you?

"No, it's not that. I came to find you, young master." Li Qun shook his head. He still assured him with sincerity appearance, "The Master worried that you didn't eat well at the party. Let Wu Ma cooked a soup and send it over just now. I'm afraid that young master is hungry, so I just came regardless of the situation."

Yun Ke indeed was worried that he's not eating well. But telling Wu Ma to make soup and deliver it like this is so inconvenient, he won't do that. Even though his heart had this kind of thinking, but his face still showed a surprised look. He put down the juice and said, "Soup? Brother Yun really know me. These party didn't have any dessert besides wines. Nothing warm either. I'm dead tired."

"The soup is on the car. There are many people who will see here, no good. I didn't brought it with me. Young master, you didn't mind having it on the car, right?'

On the car? His eyes flashed and then laughed meaningfully, "I don't mind. Of course I don't mind." Such a good handle to carry this. But he didn't have time to be happy. He looked back toward the hallway and see Yun Ke had been surrounded by Wen family representatives. He pursed up his lip, no longer looking back and followed Li Qun outside.

Yun Ke seems to feels something at the entrance and looked at there, but his line of sight quickly blocked by Wen family representatives, "Mr. Yun, you just said you really willing to give this big project to Wen family, right? About this, we're really grateful to you."

His mood became more impatient. He withdraw his gaze and coldly said, "The project matter will be discussed with your company later. I still have something to do. Excuse me." Then he took large steps toward the rest area where Ye Zhizhou was before. He thought about the report from few days ago. His aura became colder and colder. A small fish like Wen family dare to extend their claws on Xiao Yang's head. Big fortune project? No, this is of course his meticulous preparation to press Wen family to death.

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