There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 13

A few days later, Ye Zhizhou was discharged from the hospital. Yun Ke who disappeared for several days finally showed up.

"Xiao Yang." He said while taking a few step forward and hold the young man into his arms, burying his head in the teen's body fragrance and kissing his earlobe. "I think I could't leave you anymore."

Unfortunately, Ye Zhizhou's sensitive spot is exactly his earlobe. His face instantly flushed, he pushed the man away resentfully. Secretly hate his own self. "Good talk. Don't randomly hug me!"

Yun Ke loosened up his strength and touched the teen's hair with a smile. "Very lively. It seems these past few days you rest pretty well."

He turned his head away from the man's hand, angrily turned and continue packing up his clothes. Since the confession, Yun Ke's pleading talk gradually grew day by day. His cold and indifferent setting was lost thoroughly! At the time when they didn't actually meet was still okay. Sending text message, he could pretend not seen it. Making phone call, he could also not pick it up. But now to see him face to face……and also that kind of break-the-rules face! The lethality has escalated, simply could not carry on!

Yun Ke looked at him walking back and forth packing stuff with a loving eyes and occasionally helped him out. The reward after getting rolled eyes made him lower his head and chuckled. Once again he came forward and held the young man into his embrace, touch his hair whorl, "Xiao Yang. Just like this is already good. To have someone by my side, could love him dearly, protect him, and see his lively looks every day. Really good."

The delight in his tone is very obvious, made Ye Zhizhou resisting hand stopped. He angrily pinched himself, in heart silently disdain his own lack of integrity. This gentle and content look on Yun Ke really made anyone couldn't refuse ah……could it be he will be bent?


Returning back home, they have a warm and awkward lunch. Yun Ke stopped Ye Zhizhou who's running upstairs to avoid his desirous looks. "Wen Zhegang want to see you. You want to meet him?"

Wen Zhegang? Ye Zhizhou quickly get into his revenge mode. He enthusiastically nodded. He had want to meet this scourge for a long time. Although the big part of hatred already taken care by the powerful Yun Ke, but he didn't mind to give the other a little plus something.

Wen Zhegang is a rich businessman, but after a few days of interrogation, he could see the man was haggard down with the naked eyes. Ye Zhizhou went inside. When he just slightly looked up, he could see his glace. Just like an old friend greeting, "You came."

"I should've come earlier." Ye Zhizhou sat down across him. Looked around the interrogation room, and he said, "How is the environment here? You're used to it?"

Yun Ke didn't follow in. Facing this much younger and weak teenager, Wen Zhegang just relaxed. Hearing what the boy said, he laugh, lift up his cuffed hands and said, "Do you think I'm used to it?"

"Will be used to it." He said. Looking up and down at him, then lightly laugh, "Seeing you look like this, my father was blind to ever treat you as his brother. Obviously not the same level at all."

Wen family looks inferior. Fat and black. Dressed like tramp. Wearing good cloth looks like newly rich. And all the mentioned above with Du family's is two extreme opposite.

Wen Zhegang's smiling face sank down. His looks is his weakness, and Du father's looks made this thing worse. Since childhood, he already heard too many words of how he and Du father is not equal. His mentality had long been distorted.

"You don't look like your father at all." He said sinisterly, staring at the delicate and pretty face of Ye Zhizhou. Looking like a poisonous snake said, "I still quite like your sister. That looks. Indeed making anyone wantonly look at her and get excited."

Ye Zhizhou eyes turned sharp and then quickly vanish, didn't follow his thought. He leaned forward and whispered, "I heard you die not pleading guilty? You don't know, do you? The illegitimate child you secretly sent abroad already got drug addiction. Ruined."

"Du Yang!" Wen Zhegang instantly in rage and struggling to get up. Eyes full with murderous intent.

"And that beloved daughter of yours." He looked at the other's murderous eyes and leisurely leaned back to his chair. "The moment you get your foot inside the police station, her feet immediately ran away with some coal boss. She also swept away your secret hidden money. How was it? Happy? Your daughter is very clever, ne.

Wen Zhegang's breath became coarse and heavy. Eyes suddenly got violent, obviously angry. "I looked down on you, bastard!"

"Not as good as you." The spiritual force has penetrated into the man's brain along with the speech just now. Mission accomplish. He got up and ready to leave, thinking a bit and then kindly said, "I received some news before coming here, it seems that your wife want to divorce you. Well then, I wish your next half of life is just like living in a beautiful dream." Having finished saying this, he leisurely left with the roar of anger rise behind him.

Yun Ke quickly came up after he got out. He touch the teen's forehead and frowned, "Headache? Is anywhere feels uncomfortable?"

Ye Zhizhou blankly stared, his chest felt a bit warmed. "No headache. My……ability doesn't have any side effect. Rest assured, soon Wen Zhegang will plead guilty."

Yun Ke still not reassured, he looked around and see no one was around then asked, "Your sudden weight loss before, has it anything to do with your ability?"

"No." he shook his head. Suddenly didn't knowing how to face such utmost care from Yun Ke. He simply lower his head not see him.

"Let's come home." He said. As if not aware of the teen's uneasiness, he held his hand and walked outside.

He looked down at their entangle hands, soul's out.

Coming out from the police station they almost bump into a handsome man at the door. The other politely apologized and hurriedly asked them where the detention room is, then left.

Ye Zhizhou stared at the man's back and squinted his eyes. Yang Wei, Bai Li's fiancé. He didn't expect to see him here. He appeared here so soon. Presumably he left as soon as he read his mail.

Bai Li was still in detained now. From the spiritual force he left with her, he saw that her mood was very bad. Didn't know how Yang Wei will react after seeing her. Also that Bai Li's uncle……it's time for him to find trouble, so the other side won't hear the news and came back, hindering him to pull up that soul flag.

These past few days Bai Li was muddleheaded, her mood was very uncomfortable, there're many things she mustn't say during the interrogation. Because her phone was taken away, she didn't have the chance to secretly tell her mother and uncle and asked for help. She's now in an 'amnesia' state, she couldn't notify her family through the police either. Didn't know if it because her uncle's cover up was really good or the police was just useless, they actually still hasn't found her identity until now……

When she heard someone want to see her, she still a bit ignorant then she saw Yang Wei came through the door and her tears just coming out. Obviously want to keep pretending on losing memory, but her mood couldn't be controlled anymore. With flowing tears and sniffle, crying pitifully, "Big brother Yang, I finally see you. Quick save me. Someone is bullying me, they even framed me……"

Yang Wei was stunned, sure that the haggard looking woman was indeed his fiancée, he quickly step forward and hugged her. Said a few comforting words then asked, "How do you become like this? Not traveling back home? I had been unable to contact you."

Bai Li's crying stopped, but she quickly conceal it. She lift her sleeve to wipe her face, then pulled a reluctant smile and said, "As soon as I was returned in the country, I got involved in a car accident. Then I lose my memory, my phone got lost in the accident, and I couldn't remember where my relatives are……Big brother Yang, please take me out. It's so awful here. I don't want to stay here."

"Lose memory?" Yang Wei frowned. It's actually the same with what the mail said. He cover the hesitation in his eyes and asked, "Then you now……recover your memory?"

"Just a little bit. I recognized you. I know you're a very important person to me." Her face showed a touch of smile, she raised her hands and hold Yang Wei's waist, fondly rub against his body. "Big Brother Yang, I'm glad you're here."

Yang Wei hold her back and then sank into contemplation. Combining the police reports and the things she just said, everything is exactly the same with the mail's content……recalling that few chat records, he deeply frowned.


After dinner, Ye Zhizhou didn't give any chance for Yun ke to drag himself, he quickly went back to his room and locked the door.

He turned on the computer and looked for Bai father and He Ze's father's mail address, sent them He Fangfei and He Ze's shared account and open house records and tactfully reminded Bai father to do paternity test later. He also wrapped Bai Li's arrest information and some photographs of her and other boys in a close contact having an outing and tour when she's abroad, then sent it to Yang mother's phone.

Thanks to the protagonist 'gentle & considerate' and 'charismatic' nature, he found an abundant resources to make this sensational news.

Done with these, he turned off the computer with a clear spirit. He stretched his body then went to the bathroom. Those days in the hospital, he couldn't take a proper bath. He must take a nice bubble bath today.


Bai house, He house and Yang house were all blown up by these few mails from him. Yang Wei just bailed Bai Li out and help her settle down when he received a call from his mother.

"Xiao Wei, where are you? Are you looking for Bai Li? Immediately return now! I can't let that kind of woman climb into Yang family!

The always calm and gentle mother was rarely sharp up. Yang We somewhat unclear of the reason and asked, "Mom, what's up? I indeed with Bai Li now. She got caught up in something. I……"

"You called premeditated murder as something? Don't you know, when you're busy with your study in the past few years, she secretly play around outside. Don't entangled with her. Returned now!

Yang Wei expression became serious. He explained, "It's not a murder. Also you saw Xiao Li growing up, I think she won't……"

"At first I also didn't believe it. But what kind of mother to have such kind of daughter, you see for yourself!" she hang up the phone. A few seconds later, a tone of incoming mail just rang.

After he opened the mail at first glance, he see two pictures. One is Bai Li and an unfamiliar man hugging and kissing together. The other one is He Fangfei with a slightly familiar man lying on a bed in a very intimate position.

The brain was instantly blank. Since his engagement with Bai Li came up, he always thought and treat her as his future wife. Try to treasure her and love her dearly. He always believe that the other side also thought of him this way. This picture……

Also Aunty. If he didn't remember wrong, it seems that the slightly familiar man on her side is Bai Li's uncle.

Kept on scrolling down, a huge amount on the shared account and open house records filled his line of sight. Five minutes later he finished reading the message and put down his phone. Stare blankly for a long time, raise his hand and covered his forehead. After reading these records, he was completely sure that his engagement with Bai Li has ended now.

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