There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 15

Although the conflict was close to home, after receiving the news from Yang Wei, Bai father quickly calmed down. He sent a lawyer to help Bai Li and because the lack of evidence, the accusation didn't stand, she was found not guilty and released. Ye Zhizhou already expect this outcome. Although Bai Li was suspected of intentional injury, she didn't manage to carry it out. He also didn't have any major injury. She being released is just a matter of time.

After being released, Bai Li booked the fastest ticket to flight back home, probably won't step foot in this land that make her lose her image ever again.

Ye Zhizhou watched her plane fly away from the corner. He unfolded the scarf that was covering his face, gazed at the overcast sky and muttered, "It'll snow ah......" The end of the year was arriving, people walked by hurriedly with anxious joyful face to reunite with their loved ones. Ye Zhizhou watched them with an unprecedented feeling in his heart and then got up. He has to do this strange mission in this strange world, and he didn't even know where he'll be in the future.

The phone suddenly rang. Ye Zhizhou's soul was back from the sentimental state. He took it out and opened it.

It's an email from Yang Wei. Yang Wei didn't know who the mystery man is; he could only use this way to express his gratitude and doubt. Gratitude because Bai family indeed not a good marriage candidate. Although he didn't know what's the mystery man's purpose and also feeling very sad, but he really get benefit; The doubt was because he's curios of the mystery man's identity. This man could find many privates information; his skill couldn't be described as average. He also curious as why such a good hacker was helping him. In the end, he also tactfully reminds the mystery man to protect his information because Bai, Yang, and He family are all looking for him.

Ye Zhizhou just laugh after reading it. After short replied, he deleted all the mail and logged out. He also wiped all his traces.

Across the ocean, Yang Wei looked at the new reply, he helplessly shook his head and laugh, "The angel of justice ha......" He turned off the mail and opened the files on his desktop. He carefully flipped over the photos of Bai Li and him, from childhood to adulthood. Wearing a trace of sadness in his eyes and after a long hesitation, he clicked delete.

His childhood girl already grew up becoming someone unfamiliar...... Good bye, my sweet girl.

[Yang Wei and protagonist's love probability has drop to 30 %. Please make persistent effort, Host.]

Seeing this screen, Ye Zhizhou was stunned, then dumbfounded. Oh no, he actually forget that Yang Wei's love chance still not zero! Protagonist departure didn't mean the mission was accomplished!

It's all because Yun Ke's harassment! Make him forget about important thing!

"Why is it still 30%? So Yang Wei still has feeling for protagonist...... now both of them already abroad. How can I handle this remaining 30%?" He frantically grabbed his hair, wanting to smash his head to the ground.

Yun Ke timely called, he putted down his hand, expressionless face shown on the phone. After ringing three times, he finally answered. Not giving any chance for the other party to speak, he immediately said, "Brother Yun, I want to study abroad!"

Yun Ke who wants to yell at the naughty boy for not returning home to eat suddenly had darkened face.

Ye Zhizhou was firm, he said want to go abroad, he will go abroad. No one could stop him! First, he's already grown up and could act freely without a guardian; second, he had money and most of the Du's shares are already under his name. The annual bonus is already sufficient for him to live a carefree life; and the last one; he had both system and the spiritual force within his hands. In this world, who could stop him!

He thought of these and naturally so did Yun Ke. Therefor, Yun Ke was very angry.

Yun residence's atmosphere became extremely cold like before, everyone was shrinking their tail, trying not to appear in front of Yun Ke. Only Ye Zhizhou act indifferent, should eat he eat, should sleep he sleep. Yun Ke put a cold attitude and so he followed, let's see who fight whom.

Since ancient times, the one who felt deeper in love will always first to compromise. A few days before New Year celebration, Yun Ke drag Ye Zhizhou out and went straight to Wen residence.

"I tell you, playing the emotional card won't work for me. I am going abroad!" Although after returning home the protagonist will have no time for Yang Wei because of her parents's divorce, he's still panick ah! What if one day the protagonist go to Yang Wei by whim and crying on him, playing her "gentle and considerate" charm, and Yang Wei still have feeling for the protagonist, then what to do! The deceptive system told him, if Yang Wei and protagonist are together, that remaining soul flag will always exist. And the protagonist "gentle and considerate" charm will slowly recover and then shine brightly. The final development might be just another Yun Ke and Yang Wei fighting over the protagonist plot!

He seems to have already seen the new male lead appear, Yang Wei in order to take the protagonist take back his right of inheritance, protagonist attempted suicide, both male lead compromise, three people live happily and babies born with awful future...... this world is still going to an end!

"I'll show you something." Yun Ke pat his hand to appease him. His usual cold tone became rarely gentle this time. Ye Zhizhou also calmed down seeing him like this, feeling guilty in his heart. This going abroad matter is originally his own fault. In fact, it's normal for Yun Ke to get angry. He's just too unreasonable easily offended at this moment......

They soon arrived at Wen residence. The former meticulous villa was already ruined. The garden was filled with weeds. The gate was fully open, showing workers moving back and forth taking things out.

"The old Wen got heart attack after he got arrested and was brought to the hospital. He died two days ago. Yesterday, Wen's sons and daughter had quarrel because of the inheritance. The company is on the brink of bankruptcy. This villa was given to the eldest son, the second son was rashly driven out. The third child hasn't appear after the accident. Now the eldest son intend to sell this villa and then going abroad."

Ye Zhizhou looked at the workers moving things toward the eldest Wen, with no expression on his face said, "After my parents got in the accident, he came over to comfort me. Although he's greedy and stingy but actually his nature is not bad. If he want to go abroad , then go. Start a new life."

"En." Yun Ke hold his hand. Then start the engine again. This time Ye Zhizhou no longer ask where he was going because he has vaguely guessed in his heart.

The car stopped outside a building rent by Wen family. The previous shiny and neat building has been deserted. In a short time, Wen company was split and sold. Also the popular Wen family girl set clothing was already confirmed to be stolen from Du mother. The stealing lawsuit already in motion, it'll not long until Ye Zhizhou get the satisfying outcome.

Didn't stay long, the car started again. This time their destination is an old residential area. Their arrival was extremely timely, Wen family daughter just came around holding a suitcase. The ever delicate and dress up rich lady has become a haggard and shabby middle-age woman. Her face is full of resentment and bitterness.

"After Wen family has the incident, she was abandon by her lover. The old Wen didn't leave any inheritance for her. So she depended on the eldest Wen to help her spare a little money to live, but now even a little money from the eldest Wen she won't have."

Ye Zhizhou looked indifferently at the middle-age woman, he coldly said, "She was very jealous of my mother, even try to seduce my father, stealing the designs was also her idea. Ending up like this, she deserves it."

Yun Ke started the car once again and head for the Bar street.

The bar street in the afternoon is very quiet, Yun Ke parked the car next to an alley. While referring at the garbage can at an alley, he said, "The Wen third son is here. The old Wen was very fond of this son, he secretly left a huge amount of money for him, but because of the drug, he owed a lot of debt. He just got the money when the collectors take it away after beating him up and leave him here."

Ye Zhizhou saw the sunshine didn't get into the alley, he purse his lips, not saying anything. The death of Du father and Du mother was planned by this man in order to help the fourth Wen. Even those gangsters are per his request to his bad friend from the neighbor city. Now leaving him there is truly light for him.

"Don't worry, he won't be better." Yun Ke stroke his hair then asked, "Want to see the fourth Wen?"

He shook his head, lowered his eyes, and hid his emotion. At that time he inject his spiritual force into the fourth Wen's mind, it'll let him felt asleep and continuously dreaming, repeatedly saw Du father, Du mother, and Du Yun's death. Forever in the past, by not having good rests and the mental tension, anyone would go crazy sooner or later, coupled with imprisonment...... he hopes for a long suffering, despair, and for the man to keep living for it.

When they returned back, it's already evening. After Yun Ke parked the car, he didn't rush to get out. He helped Ye Zhizhou with the seatbelt, arranged his hair, and warmly said, "I agree to send you abroad. Half a year. After half a year, you come back for college entrance. Then you can decide whether you want to continue stay abroad or not, OK?"

Ye Zhizhou stared blankly and the nodded, "Ok." Today he clearly understood Yun Ke's care for him. He doesn't have the heart to keep on his willful act. Also half a year is enough time for him to wipe the remaining 30% from Yang Wei.

"I'll miss you." Yun Ke leaned over and hugged him, slightly sighing.

He hesitated, then hold him back and softly said, "Me too."


After the warm New Year, Ye Zhizhou left a spiritual crystal. With Yun Ke's well cared old diary, he set foot on the plane.

After reaching his destination, he quickly disguised himself. He use his spiritual force to invade a local rich second generations* to brightened up every terrace (hold party). The protagonist was helpless because of her parents' divorce, so he meticulously chooses a very rich and slag second generation man. Ye Zhizhou was planning to let them both meet, then take all measures to push their feelings to grow.

(* a children of entrepreneur who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping's economic reform in 1980s)

Five months later, the protagonist got pregnant without married. After suffering from the divorce and left by He Ze, He Fangfei quickly grasped the opportunity. Together with the protagonist he dragged the slag second generation man into a grave's wedding. She once again could purchase anything she want, as for the protagonist marriage happiness, that's for latter to worry about.

After the protagonist marriage news spread outside, Yang Wei 30% love probability finally turned zero. The remaining soul flag disappeared.

[Congratulation Host for removing the second soul flag. The world mission is completed. The reward has been delivered. May I ask if Host want to leave for the next world?]

He looked down at the caring message Yun Ke just sent him, he hesitated. That guy didn't sleep well; the spiritual crystal effect is not that dependable. Yun Ke also just awakened his spiritual force, always enduring the pain. If he suddenly leaves......and he also the last family that guy has in this world, right?

After turning a few turn and asked by the system again and again, he bites his lip and finally choose to refuse. Ten thousand years in the mission world is equal to one second in his world anyway. This time he'll take a bet!

As for what to bet, he's also not clear at this moment.

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