There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 20

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Character names info :

Ouyang Zhi = harem member, the top actor.

Ouyang Di = harem member, Ouyang Zhi's twin older brother.

Ouyang Chun = Ouyang Zhi and Ouyang Di's Uncle

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Mu Tian had a big building with 35 floors in total, and the Director was very heroic and contracted the top two floors. It was already mentioned in the system's information that the director was actually on the 34th floor; the 35th floor being an independent floor. One must have a pass key to use the special elevator, which was reserved for the behind-the-scenes major stockholders, and the private room of the money cow; Ouyang Zhi. Without the master permit, one couldn't simply enter it.

However, Zhao Ping was currently bringing him past the 34th floor elevator, and towards the 35th floor elevator, very casually taking out a magnetic card to swipe open the exquisite mahogany door. After entering it, she handed over the card to him, even more casually, "Hold on to this; this is a special pass card. You can access every part of the company with it, including the security maintenance room on the 17th to 18th floor. Please take good care of it." She said these earth-shaking words while walking with a large stride toward a spacious and gorgeous hall which was facing the south. "This is the 1st corridor, and at the end of the corridor is your lounge; three rooms and one hall. Next to the lounge is the piano room and a small independent kitchen. The food and beverages in the refrigerator will be restocked daily. The phone inside is also directly linked to the restaurant kitchen on the 5th floor, and you can order your meals from there. The company will take care of the expense."

Ye Zhizhou took the card with a blank and stupid look.

The room was covered with carpet and when walking, there was no sound at all, making Zhao Ping's words even clearer, "The company will provide you with a design team and a PR team. The development plan will be made as soon as possible for you to look over. Temporarily, there are only four bodyguards that will be assigned to you. The company has just transferred the men from the HQ, so they'll probably arrive the day after tomorrow."

There were four corridors on both side of the hall, and while speaking, they had already walked past the first, and arrived at the next corridor, which was the 3rd corridor. While walking she said, "There are signs on the door. Music room, billiard room, multimedia room, game room, and an indoor swimming pool. You can you use them as you wish." Upon arriving the end of the corridor, she opened the door and said, "This is the recording studio, it'll be yours to take care of later."

He stared at the label above the studio room with wide eyes, and forcefully shook his head in his heart. No! This is obviously Ouyang Zhi's studio! Only the protagonist and the crew team were allowed to enter it! He read and studied a lot, he won't be cheated!

"This is the studio's spare key. The entrance code is 888123. If you don't like it, you can change the code."

"..." A premonition rose in his heart; isn't it somewhat a bit too good to give him this much considering his circumstances? Feels like a conspiracy...

Zhao Ping closed the door and brought him back, "There's a passage connected to the 4th corridor ahead, you can go in directly. There are a few small conference rooms and offices. If you want to hold a meeting with the team, you can directly go in there. No need to worry about the conversation's content leaking."

"Zhao Jie, please hold on." He didn't dare to keep listening to this. "I still haven't decided whether to sign the contract or not. Isn't it a little too early for the company to arrange all this for me?"

{T/N: Jie means older sister, so it simply means Sister Zhao}

"You're not gonna sign?" Zhao Ping turned around and looked at him. She finally took the document in her hand, and flipped it toward the signature page, extending it in front of Ye Zhizhou. She raised a pen close to it, "Five year contract with the best commission plan. We won't force you to take the job. It only has one requirement, which is that within the contract period, you are strictly prohibited from dating and spreading any scandals."

{T/N : So I guess it's not an assistant contract?}

The meat pie was too big; he didn't dare to sign.

Zhao Ping saw his hesitation, then added a dose of hot items, "As long as you sign this, you can be the second Ouyang Zhi, Mu Tian's resources are all for you to pick."

Ouyang Zhi! This world's male lead!

{T/N: what term should we call the harem member of the protagonist? Because for me, ML is the term for the MC's lover. So in this world, Yao Cheng/Ye Zhizhou = MC, Ouyang Chun = ML, Zhang Xinran = Protagonist... what is Ouyang Zhi?

The raws said Ouyang Zhi! Male lead!}

The flag radar in his head quickly ran, and thinking of his current lack of progress in the world mission, he soon picked up the pen with some hesitation, "I have a request.". In order to get close to Ouyang Zhi, no matter what demon Mu Tian has, he'll fight them all!

Zhao Ping raise her hand and briefly touched her stud earrings, "Say it."

"Becoming the second Ouyang Zhi is not necessary." He took the pen and aimed it at the signature line, then said seriously whilst looking straight at her eyes, "After I sign this, I want you to arrange as much works as possible for me to get in touch with Ouyang Zhi."

Zhao Ping's brows moved, and she touched her earring again, paused for a while before finally nodding and responding with a "No problem."

After signing the contract, he must accept the boss's summons. He originally thought that Zhao Ping would take him to the 34th floor to see the Director, or Head Manager, that Ouyang Zhi asked to oversee Mu Tian, but unexpectedly she brought him to the only corridor that hadn't been introduced before, the 2nd corridor.

"Is Director Hu here?"

"You mean Hu Zongze?" Zhao Ping looked at him strangely and shook his head, "No, your boss is not him."

He frowned in bewilderment; Hu Zhongze is the name of the director, he signed under Mu Tian label, if his boss is not him, then who could it be?

They went straight through the corridor and finally stopped at the end room. Zhao Ping stepped forward and knocked the door, waiting for the response before opening the door. But she didn't come in, instead she stepped back and gave an inviting gesture at Ye Zhizhou.

"You're not coming in?"

Zhao Ping handed over the file to him, replacing the answer with an action.

After pausing for a while, he took the document and stepped into the room. His heart was suddenly filled with doubt. He felt a mixed feeling after finally seeing the Mu Tian he had wanted to see so much.

At the first glimpse of the room, he saw a huge French window and the warm afternoon light shining through it, directly into the room; covering everything with a warm yellow light, adding a warm touch to the cold colored furniture. Zhizhou took his eyes off the window to roam the room, eyeing the sofa in front of it, and following the bookshelves leaning on the wall, to the potted plant, and finally arriving at a tall figure standing in front of a bookcase.

It was a man with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, long legs, and an upturned butt; a perfect body. Also, his side profile was perfect to the point it could shake someone's soul. At this time his eyes were lowered, and his slender fingers lightly turned over the yellowed page of the book, bringing the highest quality of elegant charm.

A very charismatic man.

Unlike Yun Ke's cold asceticism, this man's temperament held dangerous wildness, which made people afraid and captivated at the same time.

"Yao Cheng." A deep gentle voice spoke, vaguely familiar. The man turned around and looked at him, amber eyes cold and flashing with hidden emotions, "You like Ouyang Zhi?"

After first contact with the cold, indifferent and impressionable expression, the vague memory in his mind gradually cleared up. He couldn't help but raise his hand towards the swollen bump on his forehead, and utter out in shock, "It's you?"

"I'm glad you remember me." Ouyang Chun slightly hooked up his lip, his eyes revealing pleasure. He put down the book and walked towards him, lifting his hand and touching Zhizhou's swollen forehead. He then said with deep and hidden meaning, "I will make you always remember."

As the man approached, the spirit around him began to activate like last time, uncontrollably wrapping around the other body.


He forcefully took a step back, roughly suppressing the spiritual force inside his mind; his heart slightly flustered. How can this be, by encountering this man, his spirit became uncontrollable. This situation only happened when he faced Yun Ke.

Could it be that this man... he looked up and carefully examined the figure before him. His mind became somewhat dazed for a moment before forcing himself to sober up.

No, that was a slim hope. How dare he expect it, what if he's mistaken? Yun Ke was only one person, and this man was not him; no one would be. So no, may not, must not think about it.

He raised his hands and pressed on the swelling on his forehead, trying to crush his thoughts with pain.

"What are you doing!" Ouyang Chun quickly grabbed his hand and used the other to raise his chin, "Yao Cheng, look at me. What are you afraid of? Nobody here can hurt you."

The strength on his face seemed fierce, but he was actually so gentle with him. He was forced to look at the man's angry yet concerned eyes, and his soul slightly trembled. Too similar, this look...

"Yao Cheng!" Ouyang Chun's patience was running out. He bowed his head close to him, and the strength holding the wrist unconsciously increased. The tone was suppressed and dangerous, "Who are you thinking about when you see my face? Ouyang Zhi? Does he look a lot like me?"

"Ouyang Zhi?" Zhizhou unconsciously repeated the words, his mind gradually filling with the memory. Those two eyes that were full of a familiar feeling, he couldn't help but want to touch the other man. How long had it been since he saw these kinds of eyes... his nose gradually became sour, and his eyes became slightly red, the sadness rushing forward. The spirit force that had been suppressed inside his mind started to boil up, struggling to come out.

Ouyang Chun's angry eyes quickly faded away after seeing the reddish eyes, realizing the younger man's intention to touch him, he paused for a while before slightly leaning his head, touching his finger. He extended his arms and held the young man, mood gradually settling, before staring deeply at him, "Yao Cheng, be good. If you want anything, I'll give it all for you."

After finishing work and getting time to return, Ouyang Zhi pushed open the door with a fully smiling face. His aim to call to his uncle was scared to the back of his throat as he saw the ambiguous posture of the two men in front of him. After choking for a while, he dryly said, "Uncle, you - you're trying to find an aunt for us?"

Ye Zhizhou who was sinking into a confusion of memories finally returned to his soul after hearing these words. With a brief and blank look at his own ambiguous posture, he quickly struggled to push away the man in front of him. He looked sideway to see the Big Movie Emperor who appeared at the door, his rational mind and system data quickly connecting, "Ouyang Zhi?" He looked at the intruder, then looked at the dark face of the tall man who was pushed away, and his brain short-circuited, "You, what did you call him? Uncle?"

Seeing his somewhat doubting reaction, Ouyang Zhi directly answered, "Yes. If I don't call him Uncle, then what should I call him?"

Ouyang Zhi had lost both parents and had followed his uncle until coming of age, after becoming an adult, he entered show business. Two years later, Mu Tian was established; really, an outstanding ability. After falling in love with the Protagonist, he gradually focused more on working behind-the-scenes. Three years later, Ouyang Chun retreated from his seat due his unwell condition and enjoyed retirement. With the twins officially in charge of the group, The Protagonist had a clear opening to stand on the altar.

His brain unconsciously brushed the system data, and then at some key words, paused. Following his uncle until big... because his body is unwell, retreated from his seat......

Ouyang Zhi was just 26 this year... he looked at the mature man beside him. His voice a bit shaky, he spoke, "Your... name?"

"Ouyang Chun."


"Yao Cheng." Ouyang Chun narrowed his eyes, reaching out for his chin and looking at him face-to-face, threateningly, he said "Do you dare to dislike me?"

Ouyang Chun, the Ouyang family's current head, the real one in control. Ouyang Zhi and Ouyang Di's most powerful backer. The target which the Protagonist tried to please after being married into the Ouyang family. For Mu Tian to be able to develop to this point were all dependent on this man's resources and networks.

He seemed to suddenly see the words above the man's head - Golden Thigh!

"No." His confused expression quickly changed into a firm one, eyes flashing with light, "I like a man at your age!" For this world mission, moral integrity and so on, he didn't need!

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