There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 23

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Ouyang Chun grabbed the wanting to flee Ye Zhizhou, and dragged him to the car, locking the door.

"I read something interesting today." He raised the car window - taking off his jacket, pulling out his tie, and undoing the buttons on his sleeve. "After joining the crew for half a month, you began to pursue Zhang Xinran, hmm? You also gave presents to woo her?"

Ye Zhizhou quickly straightened in his seat, looking at the dark eyes. His heart blowing with cold wind, he carefully moved towards the car door, "Boss, you... you calm down...."

"Calm down?" He pulled up his sleeves and began to undo the button on his collar. Suddenly, he moved forward - one hand on the back of the chair as support, and the other pressing on the car door - firmly trapping that person in his arms, "I'm very calm now."

Golden thigh, you seem to have a problem with your emotional perception!

Narrow space, not a lot of distance - the always supressed spiritual force became reckless again. Zhizhou took a deep breath to calm down himself, then pushed his hands against the man's chest, attempting resistance, "Boss, move back a bit, it's too close." The spirit force was going to be released.

"Don't call me boss." Seeing him resist, Ouyang Chun's breath became even colder. He caught the younger man's hand and use the other to touch the back of his head. Ouyang Chun pulled him closer and used slight force to make him raise his head. Then, he moved toward his ear,

"Remember, in the future, call my name."

With the warm breath blowing in his ear, the numbing feeling spread from his ear to the back of his head, making his sensitive body start trembling.

Not good!

He hurriedly avoided the heat near his ear. Taking back his hand with struggle, Zhizhou covered and rubbed at his ears. Damn it! Why was it that even after changing his body, his sensitive spot was still in the same deadly place!

Ouyang Chun stopped, getting up slightly and looking at the man. His hand on the back of the youth's head shifted, and he touched the earlobe with his thumb. With an ambiguous and deep voice, he questioned, "Is it here?"

"What... umph!"

His hand was pulled, and his lips were blocked. A strong mint fragrance suddenly came over him. The strong hand that keep fondling the back of his head gradually moved up and stopped at his hair whorl. Gently, Ouyang Chun began to rub it.

Familiar places, familiar strength, familiar movements.

Ye Zhizhou's mind entirely jolted up, and his struggle stopped with eyes unconsciously wide open. His intention to bite the other man also vanished immediately. He just rigidly looked at the man's closed eyes with writhing thoughts.

Why did you touch this place? Why... there?

Finding that he was no longer struggling, Ouyang Chun loosened his hands - hugging him tightly and gently patting his back, "Xiao Cheng, be good." After finishing his half-forced kiss, he leaned in and kissed the youth's earlobe. Using an appeasing and soothing tone, he said, "I will treat you right, so just look at me, ok?"

{Ed. Note: For those who are confused, Xiao is a term of endearment. Added on to Yao Cheng's name, ML is basically endearing to MC.}

Even the way of comforting people and intimacy is the same as... him. Zhizhou's consciousness blurred, and the last trace of spiritual repression finally broke, letting a huge spiritual force spread out inside the car. Surrounding the two people inside excitedly, a few uncontrolled strands began winding away towards Ouyang Chun.

... This person who's kissing him now, is he the same one?

His hand unconsciously lifted up to hold the man's body - his eyes full of hope but hesitation flashing in his heart. Whether he was Yun Ke or not... his lover had said he would wait for him in the next life... could it really be him?

Aware of the softening responses from the person in his arms, Ouyang Chun heart grew soft. He slightly retreated, touched his forehead with his own, and gently rubbed at the other's hair, "Xiao Cheng, I need to go back to HQ to deal with something, it should be done in 1 to 2 months. I'll let Qing Xiao take care of you. You obediently wait for me."

"You're going to leave?" Ye Zhizhou snapped out from his tangled thoughts in a flash. Tightening his arms around this man, his eyes filled with a scared and fierce desire, "Don't go!"

Just giving him so much hope, now you want to run away? Don't even think about it!

"Be good." Seeing the youth's overbearing dependency on him made his heart full with joy. Ouyang Chun's mouth slightly arose, his expression gentle. He pinched the youth's earlobe, and in coaxing way, said, "Don't be spoiled, I'll bring you a gift when I get back, what do you want?"

Even the way he pinched the earlobe way is the same!

The hope in his heart increased more and more, and the spiritual force also strongly wanted to defile each other's mind, "I want you!" If he really is his lover... unexpectedly wanting to run, he can't forgive!

Ouyang Chun's adam's apple moved. Deeply laughing, the act of pinching the earlobe became even more ambiguous, and he couldn't help but bow down and kiss the wide open lips with bright eyes, "Well, when I come back."

In the end, Ye Zhizhou couldn't make Ouyang Chun to stay. He looked at the taking off plane with bitter hate, and then with all the grievance in his heart, he ran back to Mu Tian - low spirit, others also don't get to be happy! In anger, he pulled out Ouyang Zhi to play games all night. After putting aside the dead asleep movie emperor, he moved towards his computer and turned it on while grinding his teeth.

Dear protagonist, prepare yourself!


Zhang Xinran flipped through all kinds of 󠇣□□□ and questions on Weibo, and the more she saw, the angrier she became. Eventually, she couldn't help but throw the mouse.

{T/N : It written like that in the raws.}

How could this be! Just one day of not looking at Weibo, and this blackened slag man who couldn't get more black was miraculously washed white! And the image she had painstakingly put a lot of effort to build had unexpectedly been criticized as deep scheme?! A bunch of mindless fans! Deng Jun and that Yao Cheng's aunt, couldn't do anything right!

After a long time, she was finally able to suppress her anger. She took out her phone and looked for He Zhenheng contact. Luckily her manager was very capable, surely he could help her solve this black water that had spilled all onto the internet.

The phone rang for a much longer time than usual before connecting, and He Zhenheng's attitude was much colder than usual.

"He Ge, you really don't care?"

"Just a bit of a rumour, no need to pay attention. Having this opportunity, you better improve your abilities. Just do it this way, your first work will soon finish, and then when it does, I'll find you some teachers to improve your acting skill."

Zhang Xinran's brain was about to explode, "I still need to improve my acting skills?" She had already become a seasoned actor after being involved in the entertainment industry for ten years in her former life. What she heard from He Zhenheng was nothing but an excuse, this was obviously the cold shoulder!

"Youngster, don't be so conceited!" He Zhenheng's tone sank down, and said in a blaming tone, "The young mind looks down on others, I tell you. This goes on again, and no one will be able to maintain you! Don't look down on the entertainment industry!"

The phone hung up, and she held her phone in disbelief, slowly tightening her hand.

Don't look down on entertainment industry? Zhenheng! I will surely make you regret doing this to me today!


One week later, 《Fate, let me love you》 finally finished with a big end. The fans' war gradually stopped, but Zhang Xinran and Yao Cheng's fans had already become an existence of fire and water - if they met, they couldn't help but tear at each other.

At the same time, the news about the adaptation of a famous ancient novel 《Fang Hua Jin》 into a drama was swarming the media and internet. The list of males and females starring in the drama was also announced in succession, triggering round after round of hot discussion on internet.

Zhang Xinran opened her Weibo, and saw there was still no-one as the second female lead in the cast list. With big determination in her heart, she got up and turned off the computer, coming to the wardrobe to dress up and catch the big fish.

In her former life, they didn't find the right actor for this role until a week later from B city movie college. The lucky freshman along with this drama leaped forward to become the screen darling, going straight to the big screen and developing a very smooth career; very different from the other second-rate cast actors. This lifetime, that second female lead role, she must take it!

On the ‪Guanghua Streets's café's ‪second floor, Zhang Xinran confirmed the location before finally pushing open the door. In her past life, when she was feeling depressed, she coincidently happened to hear an old man say that the director of 《Fang Hua Jin》 often came here to drink ‪on a Sunday afternoon. He also had the habit of sitting at the second row corner by the window...

Seeing a head of gray hair could faintly behind the tall back chair, her face revealed a very confident smile. She tidied up her long skirt, then put on the 'just-right' smile, walking towards that table.

"Lucky to meet you today, don't worry, you'll be able to play the role of this character." An amiable and kind voice could be heard, and an old but vigorous hand extend from the chair's back, "I'm very optimistic about you!"

Zhang Xinran couldn't help but stop, doubtfully frowning, how come this director wasn't alone?

A long haired maiden suddenly stood up and appeared in her vision, slightly stooping to hold that pale hand, and the voice full of joy and solemnity, "Thank you for the appreciation, I'll work hard to live up to your expectations!"

Tang Hua! She was the one who played the second female lead in the last life. How could she be here?!

Not expecting this different scene, she couldn't help but take a step back. She accidently bumped her feet into the potted plant on the side, and stumbling, she cried out falling onto the ground.

A waiter who stood not far from her hurriedly rushed over with a concerned look, "Guest, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." She got up with embarrassment in her heart. She turned her head sideways while pretending to fix up her skirt to cover her face, panic after seeing Tang Hua made her become careless; just like a slap in the face, she felt burning embarrassment.

From the café corner, Ye Zhizhou put down his phone's video recording, got up and left.


The next day, 《Fang Hua Jin》 announced the name of the actress playing the second female lead. The sweet and pretty maiden Tang Hua entered the public eye, attracting a new wave of hot discussion.

Ye Zhizhou closed the hot post in joy. Opening up his own blog page, he posted the game strategy video he had worked on for all night onto Weibo. At the same time, he opened up Li Hao and Ouyang Zhi's Weibo. People who had circled as if waiting for him, quickly pressed forward to pour praises.

{Ed. Note: It really isn't clear from the MTL, but assume that Ouyang Chun also posted that game strategy video. It's easier to understand this way.}

Cheng Fen and Ou Fens were all shocked!

{T/N: Cheng Fen = Yao Cheng fans; Ou Fen = Ouyang Zhi fans}

Our family's Cheng Cheng didn't abandon us! He's still using Weibo! He still makes game strategies! He actually hangs out with big movie emperor Ouyang! He's still playing games in our grievance and guilt! Ah...... doesn't it look like something's look wrong?

Ou Fans were so excited to the point they want to kill their idol.

You agree to give us a gift ne! Qi Xi festival is coming; yet you're not doing your song! Actually running off to play some games! We demand our gift ah! There's also a new movie, and you've been off for six months! We need some new food to eat!

Probably because fans were too passionate, just half an hour after big actor Ouyang updated his Weibo, a 10 second short video was also uploaded, with title "Fans' Gift Teaser."

The fans were excited! A pair of eyes full of love came onto the screen, then it blinked, and the camera was slightly drawn back. A full smile was on the handsome face, and a dream castle behind him. Lips opened up, a clear and seductive voice penetrating their brain and exciting their pounding hearts, "Want to go with me to see it?"

The video ended, and the sexy voice and handsome face disappeared. Fans unconsciously held their red face, excitedly screaming.

Damn ah! So handsome Xiao Gege. Look at him! Whatever you say, take me with you to Heaven! Aahhhh, Xiao Gege marry me!

{T/N : Xiao = little; Gege = brother; so, little brother? Xiao Gege is referring to Yao Cheng}

Cheng Fans who came over out of curiosity were even more excited! Their idol still has something up his sleeve! Beside playing games, he still managed to do proper work! Look at this small face that hooked people in! Vomiting blood and licking the screen! What Xiao Gege, that is my family's Cheng Cheng! My family! Mine!

Both fans were plunged into madness, quickly rallying together to comment like crazy on Ouyang Zhi's Weibo - we kneel down for the full version! We need Xiao Gege's comfort!

The short video become the number one hit in just an hour when it spread wildly. "Who's the handsome guy in the video?" This question filled every corner, and Weibo was lively like the Chinese New Year Festival.


Far away in Y country, Ouyang Chun close the video with a dark face, silently putting the documents on the table while emitting a cold air.

Ouyang Di laughed at this sight and asked, "Is this the Aunt?"

{T/N: The twins actually call Ouyang Chun as second uncle and Yao Cheng as second aunt, but I'll just write it as Uncle and Aunt.}

Ouyang Chun didn't reply, and he disposed the piling stacks of files to reach the phone and call Qing Xiao.

Watching his own uncle lose his calm, Ouyang Di can't help but sigh. He swept a look at the computer screen, and seeing his own stupid little brother's Weibo ID, he silently lit a candle for him in his heart. Uncle turned over in jealousy, brother you have bad luck ah!

Well, I'm very happy.

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