There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 24

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1. Qing Xiao name is actually Xiang Qingxiao, but I'll just write it as Qing Xiao.

2. Qing Xiao called Ouyang Chun as "Er Ye", it can either translated to second uncle or second master in MTL, but now that I think of it, it seems the latter suit more. So I'll change the calling to Master or Boss. (I'll fix the previous chapter along the way)

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On the day of the Qi Xi festival, the full version of the MV was released -Ouyang Zhi and Yao Cheng's Weibo almost being crushed by fans. At the same time, Zhang Xinran was job-hopping and looking for a new agency.

Ye Zhizhou who had heard the news was stunned to the point that he had almost spilled the milk in his hand, "Where did she go?"

"Huang Tu." Qing Xiao handed over the napkin, before pausing and then kindly stating, "Please do not ask this question in front of Boss, he'll be angry if you pay attention to Miss Zhang." If the Boss got angry, it was a guaranteed bad day for the subordinates.

Ye Zhizhou who heard this hurriedly put down his milk, and asked, "I remember she signed the contract here - the penalty for breaking the contract is several million. Did she pay it? Also, the condition Mu Tian gave her were great, why did she change agencies?" Not even staying for months, before leaving? Directly going to her agency in her previous life, Huang Tu, to do what?

"The penalty was paid for by Huang Tu, as for the reason......" Qing Xiao looked at him, as if wanting to say something, but hesitating.

Ye Zhizhou was baffled by his look, "Why are you looking at me like that, is it because of me?"

"Not at all." Qing Xiao shook his head, though of his words and explained, "Boss didn't like Miss Zhang, and then the subordinates heard about it......"

"......So it really is because of me." His face grew stiff, a deadpan expression gradually showing.

Qing Xiao hurriedly summoned his courage upon seeing this, "Mr. Yao, you're now together with Boss, please don't care too much about this sort of thing - if the Boss know, you......"

"Good!" His deadpan face suddenly sprung up like a blooming flower, completely lacking in integrity, Ye Zhizhou stood up in high spirits. He quickly faced the Gaming Room in joy, "Let's play games to celebrate! Ouyang Zhi can come out and play with me!"

Qing Xiao's unfinished words got choked in his throat, and after his coughing fit, he just sighed. Mr. Yao's temper...... as a supposedly golden assistant, he really was not capable enough.

Zhang Xinran did more than just changing agency though, as she also rode the ship of the recently hot actress, Liu Fei Fei.

{Ed. Note: riding another's ship is in reference to riding on someone's coattails - leaching off someone else's fame.}

The world was changing so fast that Ye Zhizhou found it a bit hard to adjust.

The number one hot topic on Weibo currently was Ouyang Zhi's release of the complete MV. The second hot topic was the friendly photo of Liu Fei Fei and Zhang Xinran participating in an activity together, captioned with 'My newest little sister is so cute hahaha'.

The fans were all surprised at Zhang XinRan's sudden change of agencies, and various theories began breeding like flies. No one congratulated her, and many were even questioning her decision.

Ye Zhizhou couldn't understand why the protagonist was doing this. He moved to the computer to hack into Huang Tu's system, being surprised at his findings: Huang Tu had signed a Grade A contract with Zhang Xinran, also giving her the same salary as Liu Fei Fei! Xinran was also given the same manager as Liu Fei Fei - the same manager who had helped Liu Fei Fei and Yao Cheng ruthlessly crush Zhang Xinran in the previous life.

Enemies to friends, what was the protagonist thinking?

Not waiting for him to figure it out, a phone call from Zhang Xinran came in, asking if he was participating in the recording of this weekend's variety show in S Province.

Her tone was reserved and cold, like a goddess of superiority. Hearing this, Ye Zhizhou just rolled his eyes, and stiffly answered, "I did receive an invitation for the program from Hao Ge. I'll come - after all, this is to promote the drama."

Recently, Li Hao had sold the drama's copyright to S Province's TV station. The reason they had to participate in this variety show was to create hype around the drama yet again. Because of this, he definitely had to participate.

"Yes." Getting a positive answer, Zhang Xinran's attitude immediately chilled.

With a vaguely hinting to something, she said, "Then I'll wait for you in the program. I'll introduce you to a good opportunity - no need to thank me." Then she directly hung up, as if he wouldn't be able to refuse such a deal.

Ye Zhizhou looked at his phone, dumbfounded. Was this protagonist really in the entertainment industry for more than ten years in her last life? Their fans could be said to be fire and water on Weibo - no longer contacting each other after the drama ended. Where did she find this confidence in the idea that Yao Cheng won't refuse her? She wanted to introduce an opportunity to him? Isn't it just wanting to dig a hole for him?

In the Huang Tu actors' lounge, Zhang Xinran put down the phone - tidying up her make up in the mirror. Squeezing out a simple brilliant smile, she went out to the lounge next door, and knocked. Playfully, she leaned on the door and said, "Liu Jie, the full version of the MV I showed you before came out. Do you want to see it?"

Liu Fei Fei, who was fixing up her make-up, immediately brightened up after hearing this. Putting down her lipstick, she then said, "This younger sister definitely knows me well. Where is the video? By the way, you said that you will introduce me to the actor in the video. You can't lie to me, ok?"

"Of course, I won't lie to you." Xinran smiled and took out her cellphone, a dim light flashing in her eyes. "I promise that I'll introduce you properly, and let you two get to know each other."

On Sunday, the paparazzi confirmed that last Wednesday, Sun Han Ya, the actress who was going to be starring as the main female lead in the drama 《Fang Hua Jin》, was suddenly arrested because of illegal drug. On the following day, the crew announced the withdrawal of Sun Han Ya from the set, surprisingly being replaced by none other than Liu Fei Fei. Later, according to the investigation, the third female lead was also involved in the case --- her role was revoked and given to Zhang Xinran who immediately accepted...

After hearing this news, Ye Zhizhou finally put away his careless attitude and frowned slightly.

This illegal drug case was too timely.

Sun Han Ya was someone who debuted as a child star, developing into a national level actress very smoothly. Therefore, this person was somewhat pure. In the previous life, when the protagonist was down, Sun Han Ya empathized with her, so the protagonist was very grateful to Sun Han Ya. Unfortunately, Sun Han Ya was unlucky, and she had a boyfriend who secretly used drugs. In a police anti-drug operation, she got implicated by her boyfriend. In the original story after the protagonist's rebirth, she showed Sun Han Ya her boyfriend's true face to show her gratitude for Sun Han Ya's help in the previous life. They soon became good friends.

Now, Sun Han Ya should have just started a relationship with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend's illegal drug case should not have been blown up at this time. After thinking it over, there was only one possibility - this was the work of the protagonist.

Even her benefactor who had helped her in the previous life were dragged to the pit. This protagonist's heart...... was thoroughly black!

Ye Zhizhou's mood was somewhat complicated. He could understand the protagonist's hatred for Yao Cheng and Liu Fei Fei - after all, they were the slag and the mistress, they were meant to be hated. But Sun Han Ya was really innocent...... was this really the woman who was running on the front lines trying to help the suffering women and children? The protagonist?

The news of replaced cast had become unpleasant to the eyes. After careful consideration, he realised that Zhang Xinran had still gotten everything that she was meant to get in the original plot - excluding the change of agencies and her playing the third female lead instead of the second. Under such torment, the plot had still not been broken. He had thought that losing the golden thigh had blocked the protagonist's way to re-enter the entertainment industry, but there was always another road - and all roads led to Rome.

These tumultuous thoughts suddenly stopped, and an ominous feeling rose in his heart. If the protagonist was destined to rely on this ancient drama's popularity, then the following event would be......

He took a quick look at the story's plot line, and painfully rubbed his face. When the protagonist's popularity blew up due to the drama, Liu Fei Fei, who recently became a movie queen, kept Yao Cheng. Their intimate photos were immediately leaked, and Yao Cheng became synonymous with the words 'boy toy'. Due to this, he could not enter the entertainment industry ever again.

The phone call from a few days ago flashed through his mind - the protagonist said that she would introduce a good opportunity to Yao Cheng...... then, thinking of the protagonist who recently got close to Liu Fei Fei, and also the case with her benefactor, Sun Han Ya, who's replacement for the first female role was Liu Fei Fei....

It seems that he was not far away from being kept for.

When Sunday arrived, Ye Zhizhou was immediately surrounded by enthusiastic fans after getting off at the appointed place. Their screams were deafening and the road was blocked. Fortunately, the bodyguard sent by Ouyang Chun was quite efficient - successfully separating the fans and creating a passage for him which to the door of the TV station.

After several waves of screaming, Zhang Xinran and the other slightly popular cast members of the crew arrived one after another. Because of the presence of the television staff, everyone acted very friendly.

Zhang Xinran stood among several actresses. From time to time, she looked in the direction of Ye Zhizhou. Not only did he not see her, he also did not take the initiative to come and say hello. She wanted to ignore him, but remembering Liu Fei Fei who was in the hotel near the TV station, Zhang Xinran frowned. Reluctantly, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Ye Zhizhou.

Ye Zhizhou, who was explaining some game strategies to Li Hao, felt the cellphone vibrate. He took a look and saw that Zhang Xinrain had sent a message. He did not want to delete it immediately, so he merely turned it off and returned it to his pocket.

Zhang Xinran had been observing him, and seeing his actions, she felt shocked. She dialed the phone, before realising that it was turned off. Her face immediately sank. A few months ago, he still chased after her to the brink of death, and now he just simply ignores her! What are you proud of? Sooner or later, you will kneel down and beg me!

Throwing the cellphone in her bag, she adjusted her expression and rejoined the conversation between several actors. She looked like she was immersed in the talk while looking around, her gaze falling onto Li Hao who was talking about something. As she was doing so, a thought popped up in her mind.

How dare you ignore me, it's you who'll suffer in the end, you are doomed to run away.

It was just setting up the stage and rehearsing in the afternoon, so the official recording was to be done in the evening.

After the rehearsal went smoothly, everyone went back to their hotel to rest. Ye Zhizhou took this opportunity when Zhang Xinran wasn't paying attention to invade her body with his spiritual force.

At 7pm, the recording began, and everyone performed smoothly - showing harmony and peace. The official recording was even better than the rehearsal in the afternoon, and Ye Zhizhou almost doubted that the protagonist actually had bad intentions in her heart.

Unfortunately, it just an 'almost'. After the recording ended, everyone went to the cafeteria on the fourth floor. Ye Zhizhao looked at the drink in Li Hao's hand, and raised an eyebrow. "Where are you from? I don't like to drink apple juice, didn't you know?" The original Yao Cheng actually liked this drink, but he disliked this too effeminate preference, so he never talked about it.

"Ah, you don't like it. I heard a few people say that you like this, and seeing that there was one on the table, I just brought it over." Li Hao scratched his head, pushing the juice to one side and foolishly saying, "Forget it, what would you like to drink, I'll get it for you."

"No." Ye Zizhou smiled and lifted the apple juice, getting up from his seat. "I'll get it myself. You eat first." After patting Li Hao's shoulder, he mobilised the spiritual power he left on the protagonist's body and confirmed her position before slowly walking towards her location.

At around 10.30pm, everyone returned to their respective rooms, and Ye Zhizhou lingered back for a little while. After a certain amount of calculated time, he went downstairs and mobilised his spirit to the correct position again. He walked past and wiped his trace from the CCTV along the way - easily opening the door of the 6th floor corner room, and stepping in.

"Wasn't it your idea to introduce Yao Cheng to me? How come you came up alone? Also, this devilish look!" Liu Fei Fei's looked at Zhang Xinran, who was impatiently cleaning up her things. "Really, I wasted my time, you know it's not easy for me to get a day off. I'm sick of it. You're useless. And I'm still looking for a chance to meet him."

Zhang Xinran, who had already pulled down her collar, pulled it again - feeling that the room was hot and annoying. "Liu Jie, I didn't do it on purpose. His mobile phone was turned off and there were always people around. I couldn't find a chance to bring him here."

"Didn't you take the medicine? You didn't give it to him?!"

"It was in the water, but he didn't drink at all!"

"It's useless to say you're useless! Such a waste, not even having the ability to deliver a glass of water."

Zhang Xinran only felt more and more heated, more and more irritable, and couldn't help but shout loudly. "I said that he's always surrounded by others, I cannot find the right opportunity! I'll make sure it happens next time."

Enraged by her attitude, Liu Fei Fei slammed down the baggage that was being tidied up in anger, "You still have a reason to talk back? You said that he was a good hook. As a result, people didn't care about you. Also, you said that he likes you, so he'll listen to you, all you do is be deceitful. Yao Cheng is so handsome; how could he like you? Don't overestimate yourself!"

Liu Fei Fei was childish and mean, selfish yet naïve, but also very greedy and lustful. If not for her emperor-like father who was a shareholder, she wouldn't have had such a smooth path to the position of the leading actress, and the Huang Tu agency's top actress. In the original story, protagonist succeeded in plotting against Yao Cheng, but failed to shake Liu Feifei's status - it only made her own reputation became dirtied. It was not until she embraced the twins' thighs that she completely destroyed Liu Fei Fei.

Now, Liu Fei Fei's venting words overlapped with the humiliation she had heard when she was betrayed in the last life. Zhang Xinran, who was very irritated, slammed the table and screamed, "Well then, what about you? Do you think Yao Cheng like you? He is just with you for the resources in your hands! As a third wheel you still have a reason to talk? I'll tell you, I will never let you feel happy in this life. Huang Tu's top actress? Bah! A scumbag and a slut. Sooner or later, I'll make both of you become a lowlife on the streets!"

Liu Fei Fei was so stunned at hearing her scolding - instantly rushing forwards to pull on Zhang Xinran's hair as soon as she came back to her senses. "You this slut, how dare you scold me! I'll kill you!"

"You're the slut!"

They both cursed and wrestled on the floor, not realising that Ye Zhizhou was in the corner. Probably due to the effect, Zhang Xinran's hitting movements slowly changed into a...... different direction. She actually hugged Liu Fei Fei and kiss her. Liu Fei Fei's face turned green, and she hit Zhang Xinran several times with the back of her hand. When she tried to get up, she was hugged once more, and she screamed.

The current scene was very unattractive. Ye Zhizhou reluctantly recorded it for a while, then turned off the camera on his phone. Then, he gently opened the door and went out - wanting to continue the plot? Dream on!

The video was cut and edited to enhance the audio, then uploaded to the internet. Half an hour later, the link was quickly sent to Ouyang Zhi, and after thinking for a while, he also sent one to Ouyang Chun.

The love probability would reduce - Liu Fei Fei, this crazy woman, could just be left for the golden thigh to clean up. Bothersome things were for others to take care of - a good night sleep was for oneself, perfect.

Just after the end of the ad's shooting, Ouyang Zhi received his phone from his assistant, and seeing that the aunt sent a video address, he directly pressed 'play', thinking it to be just a game strategy video. The next second, a woman's quarreling scream could be heard spreading throughout the film site.

He hurriedly paused the video - coughing and smiling an apology to the staff members around. He politely said goodbye to everyone, then tried to maintain his appearance before going into the manager car. He quickly closed the door and locked it, adjusting the volume before playing the video again.

The video was a bit dark, and one could only vaguely see that two women were arguing. After hearing the contents of the quarrel, he was surprised. Zhang Xinran and Liu Fei Fei? And they were both fighting for his aunt? This Liu Fei Fei had a crush on aunt? How bold!

The two women fought fiercely, then Zhang Xinran tore up her blouse and hugged Liu Fei Fei. Kissing her in a random manner - kissing the neck, and thighs still on either side of Fei Fei's body......

He turned off the video with a blush, feeling a little embarrassed as he rubbed his eyes.

I didn't think...... the girl that aunt once liked is such a despicable person - I thought that she was just a young and not too simple-minded girl......

[Ouyang Zhi and the Protagonist's love probability has dropped to 70%, please make persistent effort, Host.]

To 70%?

The sleepiness Ye Zhizhou had brewed was promptly dispersed. After thinking about it for a while, he sent a message to Ouyang Zhi. "Big nephew, this video was taken by someone when Zhang Xinran want to secretly drug me. You have to be careful, if this girl suddenly takes a fancy of you, and then secretly puts something...... she might do something when you're not sober, and end up conceiving your child. Then, with the child, she will threaten you to marry her. If you don't agree, she will abuse your child - if you agree, she'll linger on you, sticking to you every day...... Aren't you afraid?"

After reading the message, Ouyang Zhi got goosebumps, then quickly replied, "Afraid! I don't want my child to have such a mother!"

[Ouyang Zhi and the Protagonist's love probability has dropped to 50%, please make persistent effort, Host.]

Ah, the effect of his one little comment was very good. He thought for a moment before adding, "And your uncle hates this girl very much."

[Ouyang Zhi and the Protagonist's love probability has dropped to 40%, please make persistent effort, Host.]

What a good boy, listening to his elders...... Zhizhou narrowed his eyes and continued to send messages, "It's likely that your brother also hates such an indecent girl."

[Ouyang Zhi and the Protagonist's love probability has dropped to 30%, please make persistent effort, Host.]

Touching his chin, he added one last sentence. "I also hate this kind of girl."

He waited for quite some time before Ouyang Zhi's reply came, "I know...... aunt likes my uncle ^_^"

"......To tell you a secret, Zhang Xinran likes you." Ouyang Zhi dropped his phone in fear at this terrifying text.

Until the afternoon on the following day, Ye Zhizhou still didn't receive any response from Ouyang Chun. He couldn't help but feel a bit depressed. Remembering that he was still uncertain whether Ouyang Chun was his actual lover or not - he tried to press down the feeling of sadness, then pressed and pressed...... he became even more depressed.

After one night, the video had completely spread. Several friends who had also came to the recording studio had already seen the video, and seeing the dispirited Ye Zhizhou sitting in the corner, they came up to comfort him, thinking that he was sad.

Li Hao's reaction was the most exaggerated. With a pair of reluctant eyes, he handed over a small note, his voice shaking a bit, "Xiao Cheng, don't be too sad. No one thought that Zhang Xinran would be such a person! Wanting to sell you...... this is my main account with five years' worth of gear. I'll give it to you! Don't be sad!"

{T/N: Just in case anyone's confused, they're talking about game accounts}

Ye Zhizhou glanced at him, then mockingly said, "My three months old account is still stronger than yours."

Getting a hard blow to his self-esteem, Li Hao was seriously injured and fell to the ground. "But I also didn't see it coming - I didn't expect this little girl, Zhang Xinran, to have such a poisonous mind. I actually had a crush on her before."

The naïve man shook his head, "One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature. Ah, I can't imagine how her fans must have reacted after seeing the video...... the internet must be very lively now.

The internet was indeed very lively. Zhang Xinran's fans were shaken by the thunderous news, and almost couldn't shake out of it. Liu Fei Fei's character was not good, and her fans also had the same poisonous minds. Seeing that their idol was assaulted by Zhang Xinran in the video - regardless of what was right or wrong, they straight away sprayed mad words of abuse at Zhang Xinran, also insulting her fans.

Then, the angry Yao Cheng fans quickly joined the fight, with burning hatred for the two nasty women who lusted after their idol. Really wanted to beat them to death, ah!

After the Yao Cheng fans' appearance, many passer-by fans also came to join, who were then followed by the Ouyang Zhi fans.

The internet was dark and grim, and in reality, the two parties involved in the video were also in total disorder.

Liu Fei Fei and Zhang Xinran, seeing their entangled hands and feet, and also their disorderly clothes when they woke up, almost vomited in disgust. As soon as their eyes met, they were ready to fight again. At that moment, a call from their company came over - not explaining the situation, but just directly scolding them. Both women felt a bit confused at the reason they got scolded, and feeling that something was wrong, they immediately called their manager.

After listening to the brief description, they felt blank.

Yesterday's fight in the room was recorded? Who was it? They obviously locked the door!

There was no time for them to continue to wonder. The reporters who had heard the rising storm had surrounded the hotel. There were also paparazzi pretending to be hotel staff to get into their rooms. The two people who tore each other up yesterday had to unite together in this moment. The company sent people to manage the situation, and after some effort and dealing, they succeeded in leaving the hotel, sitting on the back of a B City car.

While they were struggling to hide from reporters, Ye Zhizhou had already closed the machine. He was in the comfortable suite on the 35th floor of Mu Tian with nothing to do. The small villa where he lived was also surrounded by reporters, and he didn't dare to go back.

After taking out his cell phone and looking at it, there was still no response from Ouyang Chun. The anger in his heart was gradually expanding, and though he tried hard to hold on to it, it didn't work. He sent a message to Ouyang Zhi, "Did your uncle contact you today?"

Ouyang Zhi's reply was fast, but the answer made him a bit disappointed.

After half a minute, the phone shook again. He quickly opened it, but found that the message was still sent by Ouyang Zhi. "Aunt, do you miss Uncle? Don't worry about the comments on the Internet. Uncle will help you solve it. Relax."

This was also a silly and naïve person!

He cast away his phone in extreme anger, and thinking about it again, he reluctantly replied, "Send that video to your brother. Don't forget to say that you hate the girls in the video."

Ouyang Zhi didn't doubt him and obediently sent the video to Ouyang Di.

Five minutes later, the system prompted a pop-up: [Ouyang Di and Protagonist's love probability has dropped to 20%. Please make persistent effort, Host]

Directly from 85% to 20%, How much control did the brother have on his twin!

Putting aside his phone again, he stared at the ceiling in a daze, letting his heart swell. Sure enough, Ouyang Chun didn't send the video to Ouyang Di...... Where the hell did he go - it was clear that the video he had sent had already been read......

Suddenly the door was knocked. He grunted and rolled over, "I won't drink the milk. Even if I die, I won't drink it. Also, the stuff that Ouyang Chun instructed you to bring, I won't eat it." Every day, as instructed, Qing Xiao would manage his meal, watch over his bed time, and stop him to playing games at night. In conclusion, Qing Xiao was looking after him no matter what, making his crucial gaming time disappear. So hateful!

"Yao Cheng, do you want to be spanked?"

The familiar deep voice sounded at the door, and he stiffened - straightening up and turning over to stare at the doorway. Blinking and rubbing his eyes, he then finally spewed his fury. "You still know how to come back!"

Ouyang Chun's anger vanished at seeing his small appearance. Helplessly, he put down his luggage and stepped forward to sit on the bedside, pulling on the youth's hand, "I only left for how long, and you're already giving me trouble - didn't I ask you to be obedient?"

Rejecting his hand, and reaching for Ouyang Chun's face, Zhizhou fiercely gritted his teeth. "You came back just in time. I have something to confirm!"

Ouyang Chun reached out to hold the youth's waist - his face was blank, but there was a hint of a smile in his eyes, "Want to confirm what, a gift?"

"More exciting than a gift." He grinned, then quickly let out his spiritual power, flexibly drilling into the other's eardrum. He gently probed deep into the brain in a way that wouldn't harm him.

However, after exploring his brain, there was no findings at all.

He returned his spiritual power to his body in a daze, a bit lost. How could this be? If he was really Yun Ke, he should have spiritual power. Spiritual power was a type of energy similar to soul power. As long as the soul was not changed, the spiritual power would not be extinguished. Obviously, it could easily stir his own spiritual force and make it restless before...... how could there be nothing now?

Could it be that...... he's not Yun Ke?

This speculation made all his admittedly small amount of happiness collapse, leaving only a deep and bottomless pit of darkness and despair. The familiar breathing and movements...... how could he not be? He pulled together the courage to believe in that hope. How could it not be! How could he not be!

"Xiao Cheng?"

His voice was different, but the aura was slightly familiar. "Ouyang Chun." Zhizhou held the other's face with both hands, pulling him close and shutting his eyes. "Don't hide, let me see it once again, let me take a closer look."

Ouyang Chun suppressed the urge to kiss the youth and paused. He calmed down and reached out to hold the youth's back - his lover was still young and spoiled.

After taking a deep breath to calm down, Ye Zhizhou no longer restrained his spiritual power and allowed it into their everything. After pouring out the instinct of happiness and intimacy, he calmed down his mind and begin to explore for any spiritual force again. With a more careful attitude than before, he swept through Ouyang Chun's brain.

Ouyang Chun thought that because he had left him for a long time, his had lover wanted to take advantage of himself. He sat intently, but as time passed, he gradually felt a familiar pain from the depths of his mind, and could not help but frown. What's with the headaches this time? He looked up and saw his lover close his eyes, and seeing his cute appearance, he hesitated. Finally, he just chose to sit still, not having the heart to leave to get medicine.

Inch by inch, layer after layer, there was still no trace of the awakening spiritual power. As Zhizhou gradually became desperate, a faint wave of volatility that could be the source of spiritual power suddenly emerged from the other side. He jumped in his heart, and lost control of the force in his excitement. He slammed the force down slightly, and the faint fluctuation seemed to detect the closeness of a familiar breath, and it suddenly became apparent.

This was it! That familiar attack-type spirit power! Although it was still in a state of blooming and could disappear at any time, it was definitely still there! The spirit that had been entangled with him for decades, this was really it!

His eyes heated up immediately, and the hands that was holding Ouyang Chun's face slipped down to hug the other's neck. Zhizhou's forehead fell onto the man's shoulder, and with tears falling down unconsciously, he spoke in a trembling voice. "You bastard......" The arms tightened, the body tightly affixed. "How did you become so weak......" Obviously in the previous life, it took him much effort to cultivate that spiritual power...... how could toss yourself to be like this. Useless. Too useless.

Ouyang Chun endured the suffering with a pale face, and when he saw the youth finally retreat, he breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the youth suddenly hold him and cry, he was overwhelmed, and his voice became tougher than usual. "Don't cry."

"It's still so fearful." Ye Zhizhou remembered the way his lover died in his arms, and couldn't help it anymore. He choked up and wept, no longer caring about his image, "You in this lifetime are much older than me, and will certainly die before me, you're so bad. I don't like you......"

Ouyang Chun listened with a dark face at Zhizhou's first words, but after hearing the last sentence, he couldn't help but become soft-hearted. He clumsily helped the younger man wipe away his tears and seriously said, "Don't be afraid...... and I'm only 12 years older than you." He never thought that he would be so concerned about age, but ever since he took fancy of this person, every single little thing mattered...... it was fate.

He held the youth in his arms and kissed his hair, promising, "Xiao Cheng, I will try to live longer than you, please don't cry."

"You're a liar!" While weeping and savouring his lover's handsome face, Zhizhou suddenly remembered something. He reached out to pull down the older man's pants, "No, I'll confirm it again." There was a birthmark on his lover's ass. Maybe there's also one in this life.

Ouyang Chun's body stiffened, and was busy catching the youth's chaotic hands. His breathing shook and began to be a little unstable, "Xiao Cheng, you are not feeling well right now, not now."

"Why not?" All he he wanted to do was confirm the birthmark, but he still dared to still ask him to wait? He forcibly wiped away his tears, and felt angry and wronged again. "Don't you like me! You, you are so much older than me, you must have already let others see! "

Imagining his lover's body seen by others, Zhizhou was angry to the point that he rushed to tear down the trousers, "I don't care! I'm going to see it now!"

Ouyang Chun's adam's apple bobbed, and he couldn't help but tighten his hand. The person he liked was in his embrace and kept shifting on top of him, boldly wanting to tear down his pants...... he was not a man if he could endure!

"There's no one else." He pressed the youth onto the bed, kissed ways the tears and his breath a bit short, "There's only you."

"Don't...... uh...... your pants...... ah! I'm the one who's going to take your pants, not the other way around!"

The next morning, Ye Zhizhou woke up, dazed. When he saw there was someone lying next to him, he was so surprised that he tried to get up immediately. As soon as he started moving, an unbearable pain came from his waist, making him helplessly fell back.

"What's wrong?" Hearing the noise, Ouyang Chun was woken up. He unconsciously reached out and pulled the other person into his arms, stroking his back and kissing his forehead. With his deep and husky voice, containing a trace of drowsiness, he said, "Nightmare?"

Zhizhou's body was gently embraced, warm and full of care. He remembered what happened last night and slowly blushed, then couldn't help but grin. He lifted his hand to hold the person in front of him, and buried his face in the other's arms.

It was him, it was really him, even the birthmark was there...... He found his lover!

The rays of the first morning's softly shone through the curtain, and he curled up in his lover's arms, smiling. Really, there was no happier time than now.


The cast for 《Fang Hua Jin》 was replaced again!

Liu Feifei and Zhang Xinran's scandal was just too big. The crew's official Weibo account was turned over and over again by the original work fans and the cast fans. In desperation, they could only brave their head against the pressure from the investors, and remove Liu Feifei and Zhang Xinran!

{T/N: original work fans refer to fans who liked the original novel - cast fans refer to fans who liked the cast}

A replaced person was to be replaced, where could they find another replacement? Seeing the scheduled filming date nearing, they couldn't afford to lose any time!

Ye Zhizhou noticed this news - and remembered Sun Han Ya who had unknowing been involved in a scandal with her boyfriend. He secretly did a good job of helping her cleanse herself of the black powder - of course, all of his actions were practical. Within a few days, Sun Han Ya was confirmed to have no knowledge of her boyfriend's drug possession in her residence, and was released. He also took the opportunity to secretly split his spiritual force to instigate all sorts of insults to the original work fans. Shortly afterwards, a wave of fans on the internet called for the re-instatement of Sun Han Ya as the leading actress of the drama.

The crew quickly compromised and brought Sun Han Ya back. The completely innocent woman who was supposed to play the third female lead, had also been washed white and had returned.

After all the actors were in place, the crew was afraid that something would go wrong - they simply started to shoot in advance so that they didn't encounter any serious problem, directly finishing the shoot.

After the dust had settled and the heat cooled, the focus of attention returned to Zhang Xinran and Liu Feifei. As a result, everyone regretted the fact that the two women had actually went abroad to keep low. To think that they wanted to gossip, but couldn't, it was very lonely.

Ye Zhizhou was also feeling very lonely. He had two feelings after waking up in bed everyday; pain and happiness. The pain was due to the fact that the old virgin Ouyang Chun had finally popped his cherry. He simply did not know what the meaning of control was! Happiness was because his lover was alive. It was so beautiful. If you didn't grasp the opportunity, it would go to waste - and Ye Zhizhou had no intention of doing so.

Then, Yao Cheng's fans found that their idol, who had always been an irresponsible performer - was involved in a MV, recorded a variety show, and then disappeared again! Movie Emperor Ouyang seemed to be busy trying to become a dog. Every day, Cheng Idol worked on Weibo. Besides posting nothing about himself, his recent post was actually a video recording him achieving the game trophy for Li Hao's game circle.

Games, games, games again! Idol, don't you have to eat! Get up and make a meal! This infrequent work schedule, how do you feed yourself! The bad woman who covets you has gone abroad, it's time for you to come out and make a move!

The fans' feelings for this unreliable idol were of those from a parent to a child; they worried that he didn't eat, worried that his didn't sleep, also worried that he did not know when he was being bullied.

Idol, wake up! Look at other people's idols! Learn from them!

However, their beloved idol remained indifferent. At this time, a senior Yao Cheng fan weakly came out about this topic.

Don't you know? Cheng Cheng seems to be very wealthy...... last time the reporter went to his house, he lived in a small villa seemingly located in the city's centre. Think about it, a small villa in B City, the location, the price......

An awakening!

Yes, their idol did not do anything after his debut, and they played games everyday. How did he live? And he even gave his uncle a million dollars. An idol drama didn't pay that much, right?

With doubt in their hearts about how Yao Cheng was managing to survive, the fans suddenly began to worry! Then, they were surprised to find that none of the clothes worn by Cheng Idol were cheap! His watch was limited edition, his clothes were of a famous brand, he had a special custom-made phone case. What was even more exaggerated was that a fan who accidentally encountered their idol in bus, stole a photo of their ID card, and it was inlaid with diamonds...

Damn, how did their idol have such money!

If digging for information, please dig deep.

[No Grilled Vest or Good Friend]: I'm secretly telling you, I've seen Cheng Idol in S City's stock exchange, buying some stocks - buying what's up, and throwing away what fell. It was simply god-like! I didn't know he was an idol at the time, but secretly followed him twice and saw that he made a lot of money. The one million he sent for that Aunt came from this. Now you are free to imagine.

The fans were first shocked, then delighted, then proud, then finally settled on anger.

Fry your damn stock! Idol, you signed up as a performer! It's your job to perform a song to scrape money from the fans! Yet you just play around in the stock market and play games! How could it be! If you don't feed the fans, you'll be stuck down by thunder!

Ye Zhizhou was not struck down by thunder. Though, Zhang Xinran, who had logged onto her Weibo, felt as if she was the one struck by thunder.

Downtown villas, limited watches, casually lending one million...... Was this the same wastrel Yao Cheng that she knew?

Looking back carefully, it seemed that Yao Cheng had never took the initiative to contact her after the idol drama was complete. His temperament had also changed a lot. He was still covered by black powder when he entered Mu Tian, but then was quickly washed back to white. He starred in Ouyang Zhi's MV, he was even more popular now! He had struggled a lot in his past...... but where was the part where he had struggled now?

Obviously, it was not the kind of work that could be done by a newcomer......

He was like a completely different person!

Wait, a completely different person? Did...... Yao Cheng get reborn with her? She shook at the thought - a drop of cold sweat running down her back.

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