There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 25

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The netizens named Liu Fei Fei and Zhang Xinran's video as the "Drug Gate". Ye Zhizhou was paying attention to the progress of "Drug Gate" while painting on paper. The probability of the twins falling in love with the protagonist had fallen below the safety line, and according to his experience with the previous world, reducing this last 30% was the worst.

In the original plot, Ouyang Zhi had completely fallen in love with the protagonist after the two had sex when the protagonist was almost taken advantage of because of a scheming investor - at a critical moment, the hero saved the beauty. With the help of the aphrodisiac, the drugged protagonist forced the movie emperor to 'help' her.

That's right, it was the protagonist who forced Ouyang Zhi. When he read the story at that time, he felt as if something was wrong. Now, knowing of Ouyang Zhi and Zhang Xinran's personalities - there was a feeling of shrewdness in the original plot.

Ouyang Di completely adjusted his treatment towards the protagonist. He was hell-bent on accurately imitating his brother, but he firmly stood by the fact that she was probably pregnant with his brother's children. At that time, Ouyang Zhi slowly accepted the fact that he had fallen in love with the same woman as his twin brother. Seeing this, Ouyang Di became more and more remorseful, and under the suffocating pain, he had finally decided to give up on the protagonist. But before leaving, in a state of drunkenness, he did that with the protagonist - Zhang Xinran then got pregnant with his child...

(T/N: I'm not too sure, but I think it means that when ZXR did it with OYZ, she didn't get pregnant - they just assumed that she had. However, she really did get pregnant after doing itwith OYD)

Ouyang Zhi did not want to give up the protagonist, and Ouyang Di did not want to give up the child. The two did not want to give up on one another, so they compromised. They agreed on having a polygamous relationship - they confessed on being twins to Zhang Xinran, and promised to love her together.

When the protagonist found out that her boyfriend was actually two people, she was angry and drove them away. Three days later, she accidentally fell from the staircase and had a miscarriage. Zhang Xinran then got depressed and went abroad secretly, wanting to leave the depressing environment. The male leads were very anxious when they found out, and used all their resources to look for her without success.

Three months later, Zhang Xinran finally returned and took the initiative to find them. She told them that she was willing to be with the two of them. The male leads were filled with excitement at the thought of having Zhang Xinran back, and from then on, they granted all her requests and spoiled her.

With the story shown in detail in front of Ye Zhizhou, he encircled the words 'drug', 'drunkenness', 'miscarriage' and 'disappearance for three months', thinking it suspicious.

If you put aside the early feelings of foreshadowing, this story was just one of a woman who used her body and pregnancy to trap Mr. Perfect with a scandal!

First of all, she obtained a simple and sweet love story with Ouyang Zhi due to the presence of an aphrodisiac. Then, coincidentally, just after Ouyang Di decided to let her go, they partook in drunken sex and the protagonist got pregnant with his child! This exaggerated cliché! Zhang Xinran truly deserved to be the protagonist! As for the reason why she miscarried...... didn't the male leads completely fall for her because of this! They were even very careful not to remind her of the supposedly 'miscarried' child, fearing that she would get too stimulated and run away.

{T/N: 傻白甜 could mean 'an old-fashioned love story which is nice and smooth, with no sadomasochistic storyline' or it could mean 'a silly, simple and very sweet appearance with slight ignorant and confused aspects}

Everything was planned!

Too many coincidences were just a conspiracy.

If this analysis was true.... Zhizhou tore the paper and threw it to the bin. He looked at his desk to concentrate on Ouyang Chun's work and sighed.

The Ouyang Family's children were raised well, ah. Ouyang Zhi was a child who though in a straight line. Ouyang Di seemed a bit stronger, but maybe that was because the contact level was too high that time - instead of realizing the girl's scheme, they inadvertently stepped into a trap.

Ye Zhizhou felt very skeptical about the existence of the protagonist's supposedly miscarried baby. He found that Zhang Xinran's character.... well, even benefactors who had helped her would be pushed to the pit, ignoring the goodwill she had received. Nothing was surprising about her faking a pregnancy.

What to do now... the probability of the twins falling completely in love with the protagonist was too low. Zhang Xinran was now abroad, and her entertainment career was finished. It is estimated that the three people would never meet again in this life. So what were the odds of them falling in love again? Where was that 30% chance from? Was it because the twins hated the protagonist so much that something would happen to make them take responsibility by acknowledging the protagonist?

After Ouyang Chun signed the last document, he looked up and couldn't help but smile at seeing his lover's wrinkled and dazed face. He got up and walked over to Ye Zhizhou, touching the younger man's hair and asking him in a warm voice, "Bored?"

Ye Zhizhou composed himself, enjoying the hand that was rubbing his head, and looked up with a smile. "No, I usually kill time like this." Look through Weibo, playing games, creating game strategies, and messing around. He spent his days happily.

It was a pity that he had a task to do...

Ouyang Chun couldn't help but smile, he reached out to kiss Zhizhou's eyelids. "Lao Da will return the day after tomorrow, and when he arrives, we'll meet. How about I let Yao Er come and play with you?"

Lao Da and Yao Er were what Ouyang Chun called the twins, and Ye Zhizhou can't help but laugh every time he heard it.

{T/N: Lao Da (Ouyang Di) means something along the lines of firstborn or captain/boss, and Yao Er (Ouyang Zhi) means something like little nephew XD}

"Good." He buried himself in his lover's arms like a lazy cat. "I just came up with a new game strategy that will put him in a hole." And along the way, he could strengthen the bad impression Ouyang Zhi had of Zhang Xinran. He could also do the same to that Ouyang Di who still hadn't met her... to pull out the flag, one must start with him first, right?

The netizens were gradually digging deeper into "Drug Gate", and the male artists that had been involved with Liu Fei Fei were successively pulled out. The most popular male artist of Huang Tu was almost implicated. The higher-ups of Huang Tu were provoked, and all had the mind to kill Liu Fei Fei's father.

Seeing this disaster, Liu Fei Fei's father hurriedly stood up, and with lots of bribing and threatening, the anger of the higher-ups finally calmed down. After stabilizing the situation, he remembered the one who had incited his daughter to make mistakes, Zhang Xinran. The fierceness and anger in his heart could not be held back - she had better not come back, or he would definitely find someone to beat her!

Overseas, Zhang Xinran heard the news and almost fainted in shock. She quickly called her manager to save the situation, but found herself being blacklist.

Her phone fell as her complexion gradually paled.

Now, she was cursed and insulted on the internet, and her fans were all gone. In order to move agencies as soon as possible, she had signed with Huang Tu for ten years.... the embarrassment from her last life's scandal leak suddenly resurfaced. She clenched her arm and cried in a low voice.

What should she do? In order to sign with Huang Tu, she had handed over almost all the chips she had known in her previous life. Without the advantages of foresight and Huang Tu as a backing, how would she go on?


Two days later, Ouyang Di arrived in B City.

Ye Zhizhou who came to pick him up, seized up his appearance and sighed. "Really, really look alike!" It was no wonder that he could substitute for Ouyang Zhi in the movie. This level of similarity could definitely fool the lenses! Had he actually misunderstood the protagonist? Did the protagonist truly not discover that her lover was actually two people?

Ouyang Di who had heard Zhizhou, gave a smile filled with elegance and nobility. "Everybody says that. Hello, I am Ouyang Di. I'm glad to meet you. Thank you for taking care of my younger brother."

The chaotic storyline information in his brain was calmed down. He rushed forward with a smile and tried to make a cheeky reply. "We are all family here, so there's no such thing as taking care of." He sat down next to Ouyang Di to take out his cellphone in order to show the video of Zhang Xinran and Liu Feifei.

"What do you think of this video?"

Ouyang Di couldn't keep up with his aunt's line of thought. He obediently glanced at the video and nodded his head. "I've seen it before, Xiao Zhi sent it to me."

"Does that mean he hates the girls in the video?" Ye Zhizhou slowly induced, and Ouyang Di nodded again. "Xiao Zhi said so."

"It takes about two hours to get home from the airport." He closed his cellphone, and pulled out an iPad whilst laughing. "Let's look at fun things to pass time." This was his chance to reconstruct Zhang Xinran's character for Ouyang Di before he got a chance to get to know Zhang Xinran.

His spirit power was in his hand, and the internet world was sideways. What the netizens couldn't find out, did not mean that Ye Zhizhou couldn't find out. He showed to Ouyang Di how the protagonist engineered her brother to miss the college entrance examinations; how she involved her stepmother in pornography gambling to get her implicated in an extramarital affair; and how she used the position of her slag father to evade taxes and a series of other things. Filled with bitterness, Ye Zhizhou said, "Lao Da, don't you think that this girl is really terrible? She's not very suitable to be a wife."

Ouyang Di's eyebrows wrinkled more and more as he thought of the fact that this kind of girl existed in the same entertainment industry as his younger brother. Continuing his line of thought, he couldn't help but make a grim face. "Aunt specifically showed me this because.... is Xiao Zhi and this girl...."

"They would have been."

Ouyang Di could not help but clench his hand, a glimmer of light flashing through his eyes. "Xiao Zhi is too simple to be suitable for such a scheming girl. I will properly talk to him."

[The probability of Ouyang Di falling in love with the protagonist has fallen to 10%, please make persistent effort, Host]

A younger brother's influence was simply the greatest!

He cheered in his heart while his face was very serious as he finished with a big gasp. "Though, it's completely impossible now - this child hates Zhang Xinran very much."

Ouyang Di was stunned, thinking of how his stupid younger brother had expressed his dislike for Zhang Xinran. However, he could not help but feel uncomfortable at the fuss he had just made. He changed his posture and composed himself, quickly changing the subject. "How come aunt picked me up today? Are Xiao Zhi and uncle busy?"

"Well, but they are very busy." One was busy playing games, and one was put to sleep by his own mental power - Ouyang Chun would not wake up until afternoon. Closing the text data, he opened the folder where the video was stored, and handed it over. "Big nephew, let's go through the video to understand what happened with Zhang Xinran - she might have something to do with little nephew!"

Failing to change the topic, and also because he was really curious about it, Ouyang Di hesitated for a while before finally choosing to abandon his aristocratic upbringing to watch the video.

After watching the video of the protagonist's failed café 'encounter with the TV drama director, they had already arrived at the Mu Tian building. Glancing at the system prompt that popped up, Ye Zhizhou was speechless. Why was there 5% left! He had already shown so much to reveal the blackened protagonist - why was there still 5%!

After awkwardly getting off the car, he waited for the bodyguard to return Ouyang Di's luggage whilst busily opening the system's data, thinking about the original plot.

"Yao Cheng!"

A familiar voice rang out in the corner of the parking lot. A white figure suddenly rushed out of the corner and moved over with lightning speed, but was stopped three steps away from him by the bodyguards.

"Yao Cheng!" Zhang Xinran tried to pull away from the bodyguard, and her eyes were filled with desperation. "You must help me this time! I figured out that we are together, you must help me!"

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