There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 27

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This had been the busiest day ever for Yao Cheng and Ouyang Zhi's fans on Weibo.

Just this morning, they still saw their idol's Weibo ignoring them - their idol only knowing how to play games like a single dog. And in the afternoon, they saw a video of the two men's 'closeness' when they were leaning against each other while returning to their 'love nest'.

This development was just too fast, ah! They couldn't even react!

They didn't even wait before studying the video frame by frame, quickly giving out gave out their analysis. What golden thigh providing for a pretty boy! Embracing a golden thigh, and using the unspoken rules to bully others.... in short, the main point of the video was that Yao Cheng was being provided for by Ouyang Zhi! How unpleasant!

{T/N: 小白脸 / xiaobai lian - an attractive young man/pretty boy, meant to be a derogative term}

The two fan groups were furious. It was still unknown whether the two were actually together or not, yet these guys were just making things worse by making incorrect analyses! Simply adding to the injury!

Fans and keyboard warriors fought from afternoon to evening - then at exactly 10pm, Zhang Xinran, who has been missing in action, suddenly updated her Weibo with a very aggrieved post.

[Zhang Xinran]: Yao Cheng, I have already forgotten those who have cheated me in the past. I understand that in your heart, in order to reach your dreams, you can even climb someone else's bed. You once promised me a beautiful future - but when we were finally equals, I never heard of it again. Afterwards, you got into Mu Tian, and I, into Huang Tu. From then on, we had separated ways. I wish you well.

With this post was a photo of a bride holding a bouquet of flowers, carried by the groom.

When this was posted, all three fan groups completely exploded.

How crafty! What did this post mean? Yao Cheng and Zhang Xinran were actually together? Then Yao Cheng, in order to succeed, abandoned Zhang Xinran to cling onto Ouyang Zhi's thighs?

This story got more and more dramatic!

Thinking about the video where a shrieking Zhang Xinran, who was steps away from Yao Cheng and Ouyang Zhi, was blocked by a bodyguard. Thinking again of Zhang Xinran's sudden job-hopping, and that situation together with the two's Weibo accounts, the cogs in the masses' brains started turning, beginning to make assumptions. With this, Zhang Xinran, previously the lowest of the low who was involved in a drug scandal - suddenly became a young lady who was determined to take revenge on the scumbag that abandoned her.

Some brainless fans quickly accepted this situation - and their upright backs suddenly leapt out in Weibo, lamenting Zhang Xinran's misfortune, and angrily spraying words of abuse at Yao Cheng.

Once again, Weibo was filled with fighting - and fans tore each other apart, all kinds of rumours emerging in succession. The protagonist's nearly dead path in the entertainment scene was unexpectedly rejuvenated again.

Ye Zhizhou held his chin with one hand, holding the mouse with the other. Carelessly, he browsed through the comments under Zhang Xinran's Weibo post, and yawned. This time, Ouyang Chun monopolized the whole affair. Previously, he had just observed the hustle, and appeared to be uninterested. Now, Ouyang Chun looked extremely anxious. "How does Hu Zongze manage the company, ah?! There are 8 individuals in charge of the surveillance cameras. This kind of excessive matter, and no one even bothered to investigate!"

"This individual..." Breaking the surveillance camera was merely a basic type of preparatory work for someone who was prepared to take this type of defaming video.

"Uncle must be really angry." Ouyang Zhi sat stiffly on the sofa, his eyes dispirited. "That Zhang Xinran is too hateful; how could she do this... We didn't do anything inexcusable to her, so for what reason did she spread those hideous rumors?"

[The probability of Ouyang Zhi falling in love with the protagonist has fallen to 10%, please make persistent efforts, Host.]

"Because I'm Yao Cheng." He answered casually, glancing at the screen that had just popped up. He then refreshed Weibo, discovering that Mu Tian's official Weibo had unexpectedly made a statement.

"Aren't they in the middle of a meeting downstairs? What is all this..." Ye Zhizhou's eyes were full of suspicion, and he stared at the screen then slowly opened the post. Seeing the actual post itself, he was scared to the point that he nearly dropped his mouse! "Little nephew! Your company's official Weibo is crazy, ah!"

Ouyang Zhi was shocked by his aunt's exclamation, almost falling off the sofa. After stabilizing his body, he ran up to Ye Zhizhou, asking, "What happened? The PR Department and the Advertising Department have all been told off, so the official Weibo should have no one handling it."

"But the company's official Weibo said that I was getting married." His face contorted into one of confusion, and he blankly looked at Ouyang Zhi, thinking it a dream.

"Ah?" Ouyang Zhi was also got confused. Distractedly, he asked, "With who?"

"With me." Ouyang Chun came in, papers in hand. "When Xiao Cheng comes over, we'll discuss the wedding date."

While all kinds of speculation were flying around on Weibo, Mu Tian's official Weibo account quietly made a statement: The male actor Yao Cheng already has a lover. They are each other's first love, and their feelings are very sincere - planning to marry within the year.

The netizens who saw the news were stunned, immediately exploding. Each other's first love; feelings were very sincere; planning on getting married. This was undisguisedly beating up Zhang Xinran's face and stripping down the Weibo post, ah!

Before they had even finished digesting the news, Mu Tian immediately uploaded some documents and an one minute video. In the video, several people's dialogue could be heard - the traces of editing easily evident, leaving people feeling embarrassed. They no longer had the heart to continue listening. Then, Mu Tian's Weibo uploaded a video that showed the entire underground parking lot, captioned with: "Mu Tian is a common love nest for all Mu Tian artists. They are even welcome to bring friends with them."

The so-called video of the two men returning to their 'love nest' was, of course, edited - it was actually them just going back to the company's entrance. Many on the internet could feel the metaphorical burn on their faces as if they had been slapped.

Afterwards, Mu Tian uploaded the videos taken by the eight surveillance cameras in the parking lot before they were smashed. In it, a man wearing a janitor's uniform was encircled. Zooming in, they showed this person's ID and their certificate as a reporter. The reporter and Zhang Xinran were secretly talking on the side of a road in the video. The caption shown was: "Yizhou Magazine, why did your reporter escape to my Mu Tian to become a janitor? Also Miss Zhang, is a self-directed show fun?"

The netizens were shocked! Yao Cheng and Ouyang Zhi's fans were so thrilled that they forwarded the post earnestly. Their idols' company was just too domineering! The way they washed off this black powder was too quick! We, the fans, are completely useless, ah!

In front of the truth, all rumors and guesswork were meaningless, and the popularity of the rumors on the internet dropped rapidly. Netizens finally analyzed the incident seriously - figuring out that the video on the internet was truly full of loopholes! More than one voice had been edited, and even than, the traces of editing was just too heavy. An expert compared the two videos frame by frame and found out that the edited video was merely a mosaic of the four surveillance footages in different time frames - extremely one-sided and untrustworthy.

The netizens quickly flooded the official Weibo of Yizhou Magazine, who were the first to release the video. Their sticky post was spammed over and over again, clamoring for them to post the full version of the video. Zhang Xinran's Weibo post was also filled with angry users who had been deceived - and all asking her to quit the entertainment industry!

On the phone, Liu Fei Fei was drinking while scolding Zhang Xinran. The latter had already lost control - but with a calm face, she continuously refreshed Mu Tian's official Weibo, and home page. Her hand grasped the mouse extremely tight, and her mind was filled with a buzzing noise - not knowing what she was to do anymore.

Because of the "Drug Gate" video, the development of Huang Tu's artists were obstructed; their resources snatched up by Mu Tian. Liu Fei Fei's father was targeted at the company, being dubbed as a sinner. Zhang Xinran, seeing the other person's dilemma, had proposed to help create a video that would drag Mu Tian's reputation through the mud - and in exchange, he would give her his assistance. Father Liu who was struggling, did not stop to think about her request, and agreed easily. Zhang Xinran quickly arranged everything after she told him the plan - she also had Father Liu give her half the amount of the penalty, arranging it to be transferred into her bank account to pacify her heart.

According to the original plan, she would block Yao Cheng in the parking lot while begging and kneeling. Words and phrase would be spoken between them, and she would deliberately provoke him - making Yao Cheng lose control and leak out Mu Tian's 'dirty secret' of bullying and forcing actors. After this, Father Liu would arrange a stage for her to come out to expose the 'sinister ways' of Mu Tian, letting her watch the company fall from a distance!

But then, there had been changes they couldn't keep up with. She didn't think that Yao Cheng had a bodyguard with him - stopping her from even touching his clothes! Ouyang Zhi, who shouldn't have been in the building, had unexpectedly come out of the car as Yao Cheng! She had already found out from Father Liu that the real boss of Mu Tian was actually Ouyang Zhi. This would have been their trump card! Their previously planned speeches could not be used anymore - and they might as well smash a cracked pot and let the fans interpret it for themselves. Anyways, she had already achieved her purpose, and she did not care about the video.

Fortunately, God still loved her and the video was shot. The actual happenings were way more exciting than ones planned in the original. After watching the video, Father Liu gave her enough money to pay the penalty, and promised her that she did not have to cancel the contract - the company wouldn't freeze her again. If the plan was successful, she would be heralded by everyone!

At that time, the public opinion on Weibo was already influenced. The effect was very good - and after some considering, she didn't cancel her contract. Instead, she made a speculative post out of selfishness on her Weibo - wanting to completely crush Yao Cheng.

Now, everything was over.

As the video and the circumstances behind it got clarified, the post she had previously used to step on Yao Cheng had now become evidence of her own self-directed play against Yao Cheng.

Also, Yao Cheng was getting married....

Letting go of the mouse, she was at a loss.

When she had first returned to the past, she had wanted to discard everything and work hard for her career. But now... in order to take revenge against a scumbag who had betrayed her in her past life, she gradually deviated from the goal she had set after her rebirth - which led her to this situation. The person she wanted to have revenge against had a successful career, a pleasing life, and was now getting married.... she really didn't want to accept this. She really did not want to accept it! She remembered all the sweet and painful memories, and realised that she had suffered so much - yet the other person was still so ignorant, even daring to view her as a stranger.

Why did she get reborn?

She slowly raised her hand to cover her face - and her eyes were devoid of emotion; empty.

She wanted to ask Yao Cheng if he regretted abandoning her - but how could she, when the Yao Cheng she knew now was just like a stranger? He had drunk and gotten entrapped with Liu Fei Fei in the past - but in this life, Liu Fei Fei and he did not have much contact with each other; only getting familiar because of her premeditated plan. She even wanted to ask fans on Weibo why they easily believed in other people's slander, but then refused to listen to her own defence. For what reason were they deaf to her explanations, still throwing stones at somebody who was down? In this life, she was always safeguarding from fans.

With no one to talk to about her sadness, and nowhere to vent her resentment on, her suffering could only be pushed down to the bottom of her heart. This kind of suffering, where she had to recall all her previous sufferings - why did she have to be born again?

"Zhang Xinran! You aren't listening to me! Mu Tian began their counterattack. Quickly, go online and say something. This is all your idea. You just wait, I'll have my dad completely freeze you this time!"

Xinran snapped out of her dark thoughts, and looked at the phone on the desk. Her expression gradually turned calm, and she slowly spoke. "Liu Fei Fei, even if everyone is innocent, you cannot be forgiven! You don't need to freeze me; I want to terminate the contract."

[The probability of Ouyang Zhi falling in love with the protagonist has fallen to 5%, please make persistent efforts, Host.]

While holding the documents, Ye Zhizhou looked at the system notification foolishly - tuning to look at Ouyang Zhi who was playing a game on the sofa, and Ouyang Di who was quietly reading a book.

How did this happen? How could Ouyang Zhi just play a game and have the odds of him falling in love drop? He didn't do anything, did Ouyang Zhi realize something while playing the game?


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