There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 6

Although sometimes system is not reliable, but it still can predict the plot direction well enough. Therefore, the info about the first development at the hospital should be correct, and because the lacking energy, the data description is a bit wrong. From these past few days, it seems that the wrong part is about the depth of protagonist's feeling for Yun Ke. So at the first development, the protagonist just one-sidedly fell for Yun Ke? Then because of her interest on Yun Ke, she felt Yun Ke concern while living in Yun residence and found out about the insomnia. She carefully prepare the tea for him, and because of the tea Yun Ke will slowly has interest on her, thus it reach the second development……so the first two developments must be one-sided?

Then the story plot is correct!

Ye Zhizhou turned the screen off and sighed deeply.

Heaven, you really one pit hole of a spirit……however the plot finally connected.

Right now, the protagonist's tea strategy already failed. It even made Yun Ke feels suspicious and beware of her. The second development is instantly crashed down. Yun Ke didn't have good impression about her, he might also loath her. So the love probability immediately cut down by half, leaving only 50 % remaining……the protagonist had been send out from Yun residence. The chance to raise good impression over daily events also gone. So the only thing left is……Ye Zhizhou quickly skipped over the numerous line of info and jump into the last act this cannon fodder character caused——the car accident.

He squinted his eyes, lightly tapped on the sofa arm.

Although Yun Ke has a cold face but he's not a cold-hearted person inside. So this life saving act is really powerful. But now the character who's planning the car accident already became him. So from where the chance for the protagonist to save Yun Ke come? The opportunity to do the lifesaving act is gone, but why the remaining 50% is still exist?

Could it be……no matter the original character plan it or not, the male lead will still involve in a car accident?

His tapping movement stopped, he slowly frowned.

If this is the case, the info about the original character planning a car accident might be just a big loophole from the system! When he received the original memory, he was a bit doubtful about this. Because the character has a timid and weak personality, how could he has the courage to plan a car accident?

Also adding the suspicious tea from yesterday……

Heaven ah, how could I solved this disastrous thing by myself……

After one more good sleep, Yun Ke complexion became quite good. He came from upstairs and saw the boy sitting on the sofa in daze. He frowned, "Xiao Yang, why didn't you go study?"

Ye Zhizhou looked at the man face. From the hair that falling gracefully in his forehead, to the slender and beautiful finger. From the broad shoulder to the long straight leg. He secretly felt a bit envious toward the man. After seeing the cold face, his soul shakes a bit……Yun Ke has an amber color eyes, really attractive……his eyelash also unusually long……

"Xiao Yang?" Yun Ke walked in front of him and flicked his forehead. He looked him up with doubtful expression, then he frowned, "it seems you lost some weight, are you not eating properly?"

Ye Zhizhou soul finally returned. With great effort he tried to ignore the warm feeling on his forehead. With a bit of sympathy in his heart, he pulled Yun Ke hands toward him and honestly said, "Brother Yun, later I'll surely play the harmonica for you every day." And make sure you're not suffering from insomnia anymore so you'll have the best condition to face the upcoming car accident……

"You're talking nonsense." Yun Ke didn't withdraw his hand that still being hold, instead he feel a bit pleased from this natural contact. Feeling quite good, he sat down beside the boy and asked, "You're trying this hard to pleased me. Do you have something to ask?"

"How could it be, my concern toward Brother Yun is true……No, I do have something in mind." He suddenly remember about the grade skipping plan.

"What is it?" Yun Ke picked up the coffee brought by Uncle Fu. He drank a mouthful lightly. The elegant move could not be said with words.

Ye Zhizhou took out a form from his schoolbag. He showed it in front of the man with a faint proud face, "The homeroom teacher recommend me for skipping grade. This is the application form. Brother Yun, please sign this for me ok?"

"Skipping grade?" Yun Ke warm expression instantly clouded over. "Xiao Yang, your will to improve yourself is a good thing but blindly advancing forward is a reckless move. With your results, skipping grade is not beneficial for your progress."

Already expecting this reaction, Ye Zhizhou took out two simulation book from his bag. "These are the college entrance exams for the last two years which teachers told me to solve. Besides literature, everything else is full marks. Brother Yun, I know you're disappointed in me for these past few years, but I can try harder. Really. My sister was only 17 when she got offer from several famous foreign school. Although I can't be compare with her, but……" he said with slightly red eyes, pitifully asked in a soft voice, "Brother Yun, please sign this. I'll work hard to achieve your wish. Please don't lose hope on me."

This was the first time Yun Ke see the youth pleading pitifully like this. He stunned and didn't know what to do. He just avoid the youth's eyes, holding the test paper and flip it over. He stared on the score for a long time and lowly sighed, "But Xiao Yang, your previous mid-term result……"

"That was only because I'm not in a good condition. I always dream about sister a few days before, so I couldn't sleep very well……" Ye Zhizhou quickly brought up Du Yun matter and make his voice even more pitiful, "Or did Brother Yun think I cheated on this? Even though I'm much worse than my sister and always disappointing Brother Yun, but……"

"Xiao Yang." Yun Ke interrupt the boy's self-loathing. He finally looked at him and awkwardly lift his hand to stroke the boy's head. His eyes filled with chaos, "You're a very good kid. Very hardworking. I also see the change in you and I'm very pleased." He stopped, his finger gently caress his hair, his eyes showed defeated look, "It's me who's not good……I neglected you."

At the beginning of Du Yang adoption, Du family was in commotion. Yun Ke's state of mind also had not sorted out well. He just immediately put Du Yang in the care of Uncle Fu. After the situation stabilize, the Yun family also started growing in power. Yun Ke became busier and didn't have time to come home anymore. Thinking about this, for the past few years of Du Yang adoption, besides the concern about the boy's study sometimes, he actually hasn't pay any attention toward him.

He's very incompetent and a big failure.

Even for this improvement on their current relationship, it's all because the other side summon his courage to carefully approach him. And before today, he actually never thought why Xiao Yang would always scared of him and avoiding him. He just blindly used strong force to reserve the part of Xiao Yang's character he didn't like. He stubbornly want to nurture the boy to succeed Du Yun and become an outstanding and powerful man.

When did he turned into such a □□ cold person? Xiao Yang is only 17, he's just a big child. And now he was forced to do this. From always failing to almost get full marks on everything. He could no longer see Xiao Yang lacking area to pay attention to.

In his contemplation, Yun Ke just ignored the irrational sudden rise in Du Yang's grades. He unconsciously increase the strength in his hand that caress the boy's hair and full of guilt said, "Xiao Yang, I'm sorry."

When the light touch in his head became stronger, Ye Zhizhou's heart felt like there's an ant crawling on it. Then Yun Ke suddenly apologize to him, making the hair on his neck instantly stand up. He hold the hand on his head and brought it down. Swallowing his saliva and chocking out a more pitiful expression, he answered, "Brother Yun, you don't have anything to apologize for. You're so good to me. So the application form……"

Yun Ke only looked at him, deep expression, eyes full of uncertain emotion.

What is he supposed to do? Sign or not sign?

Ye Zhizhou felt a bit anxious. He finally release the ultimate move. He maintained his red eyes and stammering said, "just sign this for me, please. I guarantee that the score is real……brother-in-law……"

Yun Ke suddenly unable to move. He looked down and saw the boy's teary eyes. His heartbeat instantly became chaos. He couldn't help but move forward and hold the boys into his arms.

[Yun Ke and protagonist love probability has dropped to 45%, please make persistent effort, Host]

! ! !

This one line brother-in-law has this big fatality?!

Ye Zhizhou hardly hold back his frightened tears, he uncomfortably tried to move. His mind became dizzy from Yun Ke's body faint fragrance, "That, brother-in-law……"

"Don't call me brother-in-law."


"Call me brother."

"……Brother Yun."

After a good while, Yun Ke finally let the boy go. He took the application form and simply signed it.

Ye Zhizhou felt his heart has been stimulate too much. After receiving the application form, he literally shrank into the sofa corner, trying hard to control his feeling——the embrace of a handsome man is too powerful, he couldn't afford the second time.

Yun Ke picked up his coffee again, comfortably sitting on the sofa. He regained his usual expressionless face, "I will arrange for the skipping grade procedure. In the afternoon, go with me to the company."

You're handsome so whatever you say. Ye Zhizhou obediently nodded.

"If you have time……play the harmonica for me. I can teach you."

Ye Zhizhou turned blank. He looked up at Yun Ke warm eyes and unconsciously grinned. He heavily nodded, "Yes!"


Yun Ke work is very efficient. Only one day after he sign the application form, Ye Zhizhou already receive a call from his teacher telling him he may immediately go into class 3-5 next week.

And the most surprising thing for Ye Zhizhou is, after that conversation, Yun Ke attitude toward him has significantly changed. The harsh and rigid interaction has become gentle and equal. Thus and so, the two people gradually spend more time together. The home atmosphere also became better and better.

It was another weekend, Ye Zhizhou was once again brought to the company by Yun Ke. He slowly started getting access and gaining knowledge of the company management. Two men, one patiently teach and one earnestly learn, they made progress in an amazing speed.

As if everything is all going in good direction, except……

Yun Ke looked at Ye Zhizhou clothes that seemingly became bigger and bigger. He frowned and said, "Today don't study, just properly take a rest. Tomorrow I'll take you for a health checkup."

Ye Zhizhou nodded in confusion with a very cute expression. In these 10 days, his body has finally washed out from any impurity by the Xi Sui pill. His weight downed in unscientific rate. In other people's view……this is probably seems awful, right?

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