There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 7

The checkup's result showed that Ye Zhizhou's body is normal and even healthier than before. Yun Ke frowned while staring at the report for a long time, but he still not reassured. He dragged the boy to another hospital for another checkup.

The result is still all normal.

For few days later, Ye Zhizhou always got Yun Ke's full attention, especially during meal time. Ye Zhizhou had to force himself to eat half more bowl of rice every time they eat.

His weight was lost in irrational speed. However, there isn't any side effect of the sudden weight lost.

One month later, he finally reached the normal weight of a man. He turned into one beautiful and slender young man.

After his changes, Uncle Fu prepare some new clothes for him. He stood in front of a mirror, checking his current looks while pulling up the corner of his mouth. Red lips, white teeth; almond eyes, thin lips; couple with white delicate skin and quite long fringes……he really looked like a girl. Luckily his eyebrow still look heroic and his face outline obviously looked like a boy. If not……

Remembering how Yun Ke always looked deeply at him from time to time, he hold his face while moving the fringes and said, "It's time to trim this a few inches……" He thought of his previous handsome and confident self, and now……he really want to flooded out his tears.

After Ye Zhizhou's body fully stabilized, Yun Ke dragged the boy for checkup again. The result of course was all normal. He finally accepted the fact that even though Ye Zhizhou became thinner, but he also became healthier. He used the weekend to take the always-study-hard Ye Zhizhou to the mall.

"I have more than enough clothes. Last week Uncle Fu helped me to buy some." Also like the majority of men, Ye Zhizhou hate shopping. In his own world, online shopping has become the mainstream. Going out to shop mostly done only by the bored housewives. So, he really didn't have any interest to do this!

"The company will hold a party for the New Year. I plan to take you there. Today we'll take measurement for your suit." Yun Ke skillfully parked the car then straightway helped the teen unbuckle the seatbelt.

His caring behavior has gradually became a habit. Ye Zhizhou just purposely said while conveniently raised his hand, "Why do you never take me to this kind of party before? Is it because I'm too fat and ugly?" It's already more than a month, he could see through Yun Ke cold face but softhearted character. His speaks became more and more random.

"Talking nonsense again." Yun Ke naturally frowned but with a trace of warmth in his eyes. "I didn't take you before because you're still young. I'm afraid this kind of event will frightened you. Now, you're older and also had been contact with company affairs. Also, it's already time for you to show your face as Du master to others."

He picked up his backpack in the backseat and got out of the car. Grinningly said, "Be careful though, when the time comes I'll might disgrace you."

Yun Ke also got out from the car and walk over to the boy's side. He rubbed the boy's hair, "It won't happen, I believe you."

"Well, in fact I also believe in myself." He proudly straightened up his chest, raised his chin, and opened up his hands, putting on a smug youthful looks.

Yun Ke looked at the teen's hands, then at his head that was covered by hair. He unconsciously rubbed his finger then put his hand inside his pocket. "Don't feel too conceited. That is taboo in this line of business."

"Okay. Well, the elevator has come. Let's get it done quickly."

Yun family has a regular custom-made store with the best services. Taking measurement went by very smoothly. After they choose the style, Yun Ke told Ye Zhizhou to pick up a ready-made casual suit.

"I still want to return the clothes back." Ye Zhizhou pulled the slightly uncomfortable clothes on his body. He's a real otaku, he mainly rely on the comfort when wearing a clothes. It felt a bit unusual wearing the casual suit.

Yun Ke approached the teen and closed their distance. He helped the teen tidying up his collar. In a cannot-be-refused tone, said, "That clothes is too big on you. Just wear this one, we'll go pick a coat."

In some occasions, Yun Ke will turned back to his overbearing nature. Ye Zhizhou couldn't do anything about this.

"Okay." He nodded then took the jacket and put it into Yun Ke arms, turning around and running toward the restroom while saying, "Brother Yun, you help me pick up the coat OK. I need to go to the restroom."

"Really……he run away again." Yun Ke watched the teen run and shook his head. His eyes wearing a hint of unaware doting love.

Ye Zhizhou slowed down his pace when reaching the corner, letting out a long sigh. Just now Yun Ke looked at him with that kind of deep looks again, it's a bit nerve-wrecking…… When his mind still wondering around, a white figure suddenly rush out from the corner and exactly run to his chest.

Letting out a groan while leaning on the wall, he gently pushed that person and rubbed his chest, "Don't rush out like that when you're turning at a corner. It's easy to bump into someone."

"I'm sorry. It's not on purpose." The white figure immediately spoke after straightened up her body. With a polite manner said, "If you have bruise anywhere, go to the hospital, ok?"

This voice……Bai Li?

He quickly straightened his body. Finally saw the face of that white figure, he blurted out, "Why are you here?"

"What?" Bai Li seems puzzled and looked at the exquisite noble-cloth young man. She slightly frowned, "You seems fine. Then I'll go first. I'm in a hurry." She quickly left without looking back.

What's going on? Why the protagonist in such a hurry? What is she up to? She didn't even bother to put on her gentle mask.

His eyebrow knitted, he quickly went toward Bai Li direction to follow.

Bai Li walked very fast, as if someone was chasing after her. Five minutes later, she went to the underground parking lot and straight into a middle-age man's car. They shut the car door and talked for a while, then drove away.

The parking lot didn't has a heater. Ye Zhizhou's nose was red from the cold. After the protagonist left, he took the elevator back to the mall. On his way back, he asked in his mind, "Heaven, did you have any information about that middle-age man?"

The screen popped up with a densely pack lines on it.

He quickly browsed through it, and uttered in surprise, "The fourth son of Wen family? The sworn enemy of the late Du Father?" Why the protagonist involved with this man. Also, there're absolutely no written data about the relation between protagonist and the Wen family……could this is also one of the loophole caused by system's energy shortage?

A cheerful ringtone interrupted his thought. He took out his cell and answered, "Hey Brother Yun……Un, I just came out from the restroom."

"Go straight to the parking lot. I'm waiting by the car." Yun Ke voice sounded deep, "The tea test result is out. There really is something in it. And that thing……is not good."

After more than a month, the tea test result finally came out.

"There's a new type of drug in it. This drug still doesn't pass the clinical test yet. It also very minute, so it require more time to trace it." The white hair researcher pushed his glasses up, quickly turning the data paper in his hand. "This drug was intended to use for mental illness patient. The outcome is good but the side effect is too big. It also caused addiction. Long term used will make patient gradually become more irritable, slower reaction time, and decreasing in memory ability……in short there're too many side effects. So this drug is used for clinical trial only."

The more Yun Ke listened, the darker his face become. His whole body gave out a frightening pressure, "Xia Yang ate that drug about a month ago. Will there be a problem?"

"How much did he eat?"

Aware of the slight miss in Yun Ke's mood, Ye Zhizhou quickly grab the man's hands and tried to appease him, he answered, "Only a little and we also immediately went to the hospital that day. The doctor said there's no problem with me."

Hand suddenly being covered with the other's warmth, Yun Ke's body was stiffened. Although their relationship had become a lot better, but physical contact is still not that much. At the moment, this conscious kneading hand action was actually making his heart beat faster. He looked at the teen gentle and earnest face. His imposing aura was scattered, his expression also eased down. After hesitating a moment, his impulse finally defeat rationality. He gently open his palm and took the teen slender and fair white hand and hold it tightly, making their finger stick closely.

"That's fine." The researcher put down his data, glance at the suddenly calm down and gentle Yun Ke. He kindly asked, "Do you want me to help you report it? Illegal use of drug is a serious crime. This pretty child also got examined like this. That person has a completely bad intention."

"No need." Yun Ke shook his head while holding Ye Zhizhou hand tighter to prevent him from escaping. Then he said to the researcher, "Director Hu, thank you for your kindness. We want to solve this matter ourselves. You've work hard. Good bye."

"Be careful." The old director waved his hand then picked up his data paper once again, "Next time you have this kind of problem, you can use our facility again. I'll give you 20% discount."

"Wait. I still have a question." Ye Zhizhou quickly opened his mouth. "Grandpa Hu, if the drug was consume by someone who suffer insomnia, will there be any side effect?"

"Insomnia?" The director raised his brow. He exaggeratedly said, "That just the same as inhaling a poison. This drug is similar with a sleeping pill, instantly knocked people out. Children must not play around with this. It's very harmful for the body."

Ye Zhizhou quickly shake his head, with a cute smile said, "I'm not planning to use it. Thank you Grandpa Hu. We will leave first. Good bye."

The old director just wave his hands, not looking at them anymore.

Once they're out, Ye Zhizhou took his hands back from Yun Ke's hold. He rubbed his stomach, "Brother Yun, I'm hungry. Let's go eat." They left home at down and directly went here after shopping. Now it's already afternoon, he's dizzy from hunger.

The lost warmth in his hand made Yun Ke's eyes flashes with unwillingness, but he soon covered it up. He walked out first and said, "Let's go. I'll treat you for a hotpot today."

Ye Zhizhou beamed up. He quickly catch up with the man.

[Yun Ke and protagonist love probability has dropped to 35%. Please make persistent effort, Host.]

The sudden pop out screen scared him to death, almost made him trip and fall flat on his face.

"Eating hotpot become this happy?" Yun Ke instantly hold the teen's shoulder to steady him. After hesitating a bit, he just simply keep his hand there, holding and leading the teen toward the parking area. "If you really like it, I will take you more to eat it later. Don't walk too fast."

Still caught up in his confusion, Ye Zhizhou completely didn't notice their current ambiguous posture. He just vaguely nodded his head, his brains filled with questions.

What happened? Why the love chance suddenly drop? Is it because the protagonist's drug is too vicious, so Yun Ke loathe her even more? But that's not right ah. He remember Brother Yang, the assistant, said that the woman probably didn't put the drug in the tea intentionally. The problem is, where did she actually buy those tea? From this point of view, the love chance not going up is already a good thing. But how could it get lower……

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