I Can Copy And Evolve Talents

I Can Copy And Evolve Talents

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    The convolution of worlds are govern by a set of gods, each god is given a world to rule and there can be skirmishes between them – as a result of one between Nexus, the god of trickery and a senile old hag Elliot reincarnated into Ul’Tra-el by mistake.

    Ul’Tra-el is a world that grew a voice, because of this voice, it began to take a different path from other worlds -- it was filled with a core anomaly – rifts.

    Dimensions began to leak into each other, vomiting outrageous monsters.

    In response or as an auto-correction to such anomaly, talents were awakened in the inhabitants of Ul’Tra-el and they gained tremendous power, for every rift they close down, they were rewarded massively by the voice of the world called Ul.

    In a hardcore world like this one, our MC (Northern) reincarnated as a talentless individual but in the face of a death and a head splitting revelation...

    ...when all hopes seemed lost.

    {System Notice}

    Your Soul cannot take a form

    Searching for Unique pattern ability for your soul


    search found.

    Unique System ability has been found...

    Unique System Ability [CopyCat] has been gained.

    Awakening Unique ability...

    Northern gained a talent copying system!


    Follow Northern through his journey as he becomes the pinnacle of this world.

    This a story about a white-haired boy’s rise from rubbles!!

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