The Legendary Spearman Returns

The Legendary Spearman Returns
Return of The Legendary Spear Knight, The Legendary Spearman Returns, 역대급 창기사의 회귀

The Legendary Spearman Returns

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    Unrivaled Spear Knight.

    The stereotype that knights must use swords is broken by the brightest star of a duke’s family. The hero that brought an end to the empire’s civil war. The name of that person is Joshua Sanders.

    Despite his reputation of being called the empire’s unrivaled spear, he was bleeding dark red blood. Not just anyone but by the hand of his own emperor, Kaiser… “Kaiser! Don’t think it will end like this!!” Moments before death, incurred by magic circle, the spear that spent its years together with him, ‘Lugia’, started to emit an enormous amount of energy…

    This familiar place, it can’t be… the stable that I used to live in when I was young?

    My body became young?! Lugia, what the hell are you?

    Joshua returned to his younger self. His ultimate revenge starts here!

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